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Apr 20, 2012 02:02 PM

Glutinous rice

I'm a little confused - is this different from sushi rice? Are they interchangable? If not, can anyone recommend a brand or a store where I could buy some glutinous rice? (Vancouver/Oakridge area?).

Then I have to figure out how to steam it....I've never steamed rice....but I'm up for a challenge! I really want to try to make coconut sticky rice with mango, since mangos are so fabulous right now.


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  1. Hi Quattrociocchi,
    Glutinous rice is short grain sticky rice. Japanese rice is medium grain rice. I personally would not use them interchangeably. Sticky rice is "sweeter," plumper and a lot more sticky. It also holds its shape much better if your recipe requires you to form it. (Think joongs and lor mai gai).
    You can pick it up at any Asian grocery in the rice aisle.

    1. I made the same dish using Thai gluutinous rice for a pot luck. It turned out veeeeeeeeeery sticky. I had better success with sushi rice. The assembled company liked it well enough. I didn't hear any discreet gagging anyway!

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        Discreet gagging ? Dang Gum, now come to think of it my dinner guests make that sound ........

      2. Thanks to both of you for your informative replies. Since I already have sushi rice at home I might give that a try. Discreet gagging? har har... and Burma you get props for spelling Quattrociocchi correctly!

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          The texture of glutinous rice is really different than normal short grain rice... much softer and stickier. If you don't mind the texture being different, you can use sushi rice, but the authentic version definitely uses the glutinous rice.

        2. Glutinous rice has a distinct pearly sheen to it, before and after being cooked. It should also be not "mushy" but have a slight nuttiness texture to it, if I can describe it accurately. Go for dim sum, and order either a triangular sticky rice wrap (zhongzi):

          Or a (rectangular) chicken+sausage in sticky rice in lotus leaf (noh mai gai):

          And that's the general texture of glutinous rice in Chinese applications. One exception I can think of is a sweet dessert called "bah bao fan" (eight treasures rice) eaten during Chinese New Year, where the rice tends to be much more soft-cooked and mushy:

          I suspect that's more to do with its different preparation and ingredients process.

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          1. re: LotusRapper

            Yes, LR. That's exactly what the texture was like - zhongzi.

            Foodslut's right when she says that is the one to use. I just preferred the one I made with sushi rice.