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Apr 20, 2012 12:50 PM

Lunch in Indio?

We're driving from Phoenix to Disney with the kids next Sunday, and should be hitting Indio around lunchtime. Anything decent within a reasonable drive from I-10 to stop for lunch? A sit down place is preferable, but counter service is OK if the food is good enough. Doesn't have to be super kid friendly either - my folks own a fine dining restaurant so good dining behavior has been beaten into them since birth. :)

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  1. POM, the dining room at the Fantasy Springs Casino Resort comes to mind. It is right off I-10 at the Golf Center Parkway exit. Here is their menu:

    I always enjoy the food there, quality ingredients prepared well. You don't have to go through the casino to get to this restaurant, leave the car with the valet at the hotel entrance, or park it in the parking structure on the east side of the hotel, then follow the colonnade west, past the lobby and POM will be the "sunken" room on your left, dine inside or on the terrace (terrace has misters for hot days).