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Room 11?

Anyone been to Room 11 in Columbia Heights? Thoughts?

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  1. Good spot. Good food and drinks, but small.

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      Could you do a review? I'm totally unfamiliar with the place...

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        It was a while ago that we ate there, and just remember liking the place (food/drink). I think there are some reviews on CH if you search. Next time we go, I'll do a write up.

    2. We went for the husband's birthday last week. The inside was indeed, as reported elsewhere, TINY! But the day we went was nice enough that the outdoor patio was open. Arriving at 6ish on a Thursday, there were plenty of tables.

      Cocktails were original and excellent. We had a cheese and meat board (great! but the bread was only so so) roasted cauliflower with tahini garlic sauce (cauliflower was not overcooked as it would be in most restaurants; sauce was tasty), duck with polenta (meh - not bad, but didn't measure up to the rest of what we had there) and ribs with mashed potatoes or something (very good!).

      The service was super attentive and pretty friendly.

      I'd go back for the cocktails and cheese/charcuterie board, especially on a day I could sit outside. Dinner was better than average, but I wouldn't rush back for it.

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        Whoops. It was a Friday, not a Thursday that we went there, FWIW.

      2. I've been a couple times with a friend that lives in the area. We really like it as a great neighborhood hang out spot. It's teeny tiny (although in good weather I think they might open up a few tables outside).

        We usually get some cheese, cured meats and pate to nibble on while trying out a few glasses of wine. I wish it was closer to my apartment because it's just a nice hang out spot---especially if you can get there early on a weekday or mid-day on a Saturday or Sunday.

        1. Thoughts on brunch here??

          1. I've been here a couple of times, its right on my block and it's adorable. The food is decent, I've really enjoyed the scallops, pork belly, and salad but was rather disappointed by their "cubano" which didn't seem special at all and their risotto which I thought was too al dente and rahter boring. I still love it, great vibe, good quality in general, I think it's planning on expanding soon as well based on some signage next door...hopefully this will make it a little easier to get into!

            1. I went to Room 11 for brunch on Sunday and loved every aspect of my experience. This is the type of restaurant that makes you want to move to a neighborhood just so you can become a regular.

              The outdoor seating is great, especially on a sunny day. The service was friendly and on point for everything I needed (thanks Gavin!). And most importantly the food was good. I got their daily quiche (which if I remember correctly was spinach, carmelized onions and something else---maybe mushrooms? And of course cheese). It came with a nice light side salad which had herbs and pinenuts in it---a nice touch. I also got a coffee (comes in a French press with 2 cups of coffee) and a pear/champagne cocktail which was delicious.

              It wasn't overly crowded (really can't figure out why! I got there right at a 11 and only a couple of tables filled up by the time I left. Maybe the word isn't out yet about this place) so they let me stay and relax a little with my coffee after I paid the check.

              I will definitely be back enjoying this place throughout the summer.

              1. I wanted to bump this old thread in case some locals have missed this gem. We visited DC last week and we stayed around the corner from Room 11 and really loved it.

                We only had a few snacks there for food, but the breakfast pastries were wonderful and we also stopped in several nights for one of their old fashioned drinks. I particularly liked the "3234" on the bitters menu. The warm Glogg was also very welcome to us Southerners.

                Great little place!