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Apr 20, 2012 10:51 AM

Wake Forest Herb Festival has begun

Today is the first day of this 10 day festival. The selection seemed to be wider than previous years. They had a few items which are sometimes hard to find such as scented geraniums, epazote & culantro. Wide variety of basil and thyme. Most herbs are $3.50, a few go up to $7 or $8.

There were also a smattering of vegetable (grown from organic seed) and ornamental plants.

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  1. I once tried to get Genevieve basil there

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    1. re: chazzer

      I didn't look at the basil varieties too closely since I'm growing them from seed...I tried really hard to just stick to my list!

      I don't know if it's because I attended earlier, but the selection seems to have more depth this year.

      1. re: chazzer

        chazzer, if you can't find a plant, it's easy to grow from seeds. I got my seeds at the hardware store.

        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          Thanks Sue, but it turns out that NC Tomato Man has expanded out and in addition to his many heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants he has included Basel

          1. re: chazzer

            Oh wow,what a great resource!

            I had no idea anyone local had Datil peppers! I had a friend who was in St. Augustine this past weekend track some down for me...

      2. Not the kind of herb I had in mind... ;-)

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          Bet that would make a great festival