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Apr 20, 2012 10:49 AM

Restaurants in Isla Verde in Puerto Rico

A family of 3(including 4 yr old) is staying at Marriot Isla Verde and looking for some restaurant recommendations around the area. We like everything and budget is pretty open as long as food is good.

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  1. Metropole x from The Ritz is very good, very family oriented and fairly priced. I loved their stuffed chicken with black beans and rice.

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      I forgot to add Metropole's link :

      Also a MUST is Casa Dante in Carolina. Their rice and beans and sangria are memorable. Carolina is the airport area so a minute from Isla Verde. The setting is casual but you find this your favorite dining spot.
      39 Isla Verde Ave
      Carolina, PR 00979
      (787) 726-7310

      I liked Mi Cocina in Isla Verde as well. Very local.

      Waterclub is a trendy hip hotel in Isla Verde. I have been many times and love their roof top bar for drinks and snacks. The hotel restaurant has rave reviews but I only spend layovers here for 5 hours or so at the hotel and beach. Down the road 15 minutes is Pamela's located in Ocean Park at Numero Uno Guest House. A MUST for beachside lunch. Not cheap but not bad either.