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Apr 20, 2012 10:31 AM

Avert your eyes, cookbook heads...

Uh oh.
And total yay yippee hurrah 好 極了on the Shanghai and East China, this topic is WAY overdue.

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  1. Yikes, there are more than 75 of them!

    1. I saw this morning on EYB but only Foraged Flavor picked my interest - famous last words:)

      1. Yes, I saw this too and to tell you the truth none of the books truly piqued my interest. But, BB, I suppose you're right about the long over due focus on Shanghai and East China. I have never heard of Terry Tan but his creds certainly are impressive...

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        1. re: Gio

          I felt very similar Gio. Only 2 of the books caught my eye. I like the concept of Cindy Pawlcyn's supper club book and I do love her food (at Mustard's). THe other is a sentimental fave from the Granville Island Market in Vancouver...such a fabulous market.

        2. I pre-ordered Katz's "The Art of Fermentation" months ago, so hopefully it will arive in May. (I have his previous book.)

          To me, the most interesting is Adam Perry Lang's "Charred & Scruffed" about cooking by "tossing foods directly on coals"! I'm not sure whether I want to try it. Sounds a little like the food from my childhood camping trips. (I have one of Lang's other books called "Serious Barbeque -- he established Daisy May's BBQ in Hell's Kitchen.)

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          1. re: drongo

            Re tossing food directly on coals, I went to a meeting at Southern Illinois University which featured a "Buffalo Tro" as the main course. (Not a fancy dinner.) Based on buffalo throws, the meat was marinated and then thrown onto coals. (A really massive mound of coals.) Turned once. Retrieved and sliced. It tasted good.

            The scale of their 'thing' prevented me from ever trying something like it.

          2. i am a huge John T Edge fan.