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Apr 20, 2012 09:47 AM

Anywhere to Get Empanadas?

I'm having a party and wanted to get a whole bunch of empanadas to serve. I found a place in Kearny that I fell in love with (Stella's - it's really good, you should go!) but just found out that they'll be closed the weekend of my party for a soccer game! I've done a lot of searching and there just aren't that many Argentine restaurants in NJ and fewer that seem to serve empanadas and would do catering.

Anyone know of any places that could make up a huge amount of empanadas? Preferably in Northern/Central NJ (party is in Garwood, but willing to travel to pick them up). My last resort is to either pick them up from Stella's the last night they're open (which is 2 days before the event) or just make them myself.

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    1. re: newfie29

      Thank you! I had actually seen that one before when I began my search, but thanks to you now I know they do catering. Never before bothered to check out the "Contact Us" link. Will give them a ring!

      1. re: benn2009

        Any time! Please report back after the fiesta...

    2. This place in Peapack also has empanadas and I think they also cater,

      1. Do they have to be Argentine empanadas? Empanadas derived from different countries can vary. E.g. see

        Btw, Raul Silva (of the eponymous Raul's Empanadas) is from Colombia.

        1. Valdebenito's in Somerville has argentine empanadas. I know where you can get paragauyan empanadas too if you are interested.

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            Have you considered making your own they arent very difficult and you can add so many different fillings inside also...not to mention much cheaper too..


          2. thank you all for the feedback. i also came across Valdebenito's in my searches but having a party there is more money than i'm willing to spend. they don't have to be argentine empanadas, any empanada will do! and i am toying with the idea of making them myself because i know it will cost less money, i just don't know if i can handle making 75-100 of them.

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              benn2009 good luck & I think you'll be the talk of the party if your make your own empanadas....don't forget some dipping sauce also....good luck!