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Anywhere to Get Empanadas?

I'm having a party and wanted to get a whole bunch of empanadas to serve. I found a place in Kearny that I fell in love with (Stella's - it's really good, you should go!) but just found out that they'll be closed the weekend of my party for a soccer game! I've done a lot of searching and there just aren't that many Argentine restaurants in NJ and fewer that seem to serve empanadas and would do catering.

Anyone know of any places that could make up a huge amount of empanadas? Preferably in Northern/Central NJ (party is in Garwood, but willing to travel to pick them up). My last resort is to either pick them up from Stella's the last night they're open (which is 2 days before the event) or just make them myself.

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      Thank you! I had actually seen that one before when I began my search, but thanks to you now I know they do catering. Never before bothered to check out the "Contact Us" link. Will give them a ring!

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        Any time! Please report back after the fiesta...

    2. This place in Peapack also has empanadas and I think they also cater, http://www.yelp.com/biz/delicious-del...

      1. Do they have to be Argentine empanadas? Empanadas derived from different countries can vary. E.g. see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empanada

        Btw, Raul Silva (of the eponymous Raul's Empanadas) is from Colombia.

        1. Valdebenito's in Somerville has argentine empanadas. I know where you can get paragauyan empanadas too if you are interested.

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            Have you considered making your own they arent very difficult and you can add so many different fillings inside also...not to mention much cheaper too..


          2. thank you all for the feedback. i also came across Valdebenito's in my searches but having a party there is more money than i'm willing to spend. they don't have to be argentine empanadas, any empanada will do! and i am toying with the idea of making them myself because i know it will cost less money, i just don't know if i can handle making 75-100 of them.

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              benn2009 good luck & I think you'll be the talk of the party if your make your own empanadas....don't forget some dipping sauce also....good luck!

              1. Fwiw, I've found that empanadas reheat REALLY well in the oven...I'm betting that if you can get them the night before that they'll be fine the next day. Just. NO. Microwave!!!

                  1. There is no reason to look any further than Stella's. They are the best empanada's in the state of New Jersey.

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                        I've had Empanada Guys stuff and it doesn't compare to Stella's. You have to give Stella's a try.

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                          You are aware this thread is well over a year old? I suspect the soccer party is likely history now (and Stella's was closed that weekend).

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                            We're glad to have new tips, whenever and wherever they come in. The information may not help the person who first posed the question, but many more people are reading and searching the site and new information will likely be of help to those folks.

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                              I see the thread is old but for anyone looking for Empanadas now there is a fairly new place called Empanada Mania on Washington Ave in Bergenfield. They don't seem to have a website but all their info is on facebook.

                              They carry 6 or 7 different flavors each day. When I was there it was Beef, Chicken Quesadilla, Buffalo Chicken, Pizza, Sausage and Peppers and Veggie.

                    1. Yesterday's NYT had a terrific article about a variety of empanada spots around NNJ: http://tinyurl.com/o4sbxpk

                      This spurred me to get over to Stella's, which I've been meaning to do since reading about the place here on CH. Suffice it to say that they're making beautiful AND yummy empanadas!

                      I got 1/2 dozen to go, knowing that a few would end up in my freezer for empanada emergencies. :-) The spicy chicken was VERY spicy--likely with jalapeno, which I always overreact to (vs. sichuan spices, for example). But I was DEFINITELY reacting--got that good 'glow,' in fact! Very tasty, and I certainly recommend it if you like that kind of heat. The spinach, mushroom, and onion was jam-packed with all three ingredients, and dry--as in, not a drop of water, which I thought was amazing. The only issue I had with that one was that it had absolutely no spice or flavor (other than pure spinach)--just a touch of salt and pepper would have changed that. The baked apple (which I miiiight have had for breakfast today) was terrific--huge pieces of apple and not overly sweet. The beef and potato versions are in the freezer, so I can't report on those just yet.

                      The people working there were extremely nice, and I have to say that I fully expected to have to blot these before eating or reheating them (they're fried to order and then they were wrapped in foil--and labeled, which was greatly appreciated). NOT needed. I couldn't believe that each one was bone dry, and even after taking a bite, not a drop of oil on the plate! That in and of itself tells me they know what they're doing in terms of execution. If I have one complaint, I think it's that they could use some kind of sauce on the side if they're not going to do much in terms of spice/flavor with the contents (e.g. the spinach), but it won't keep me from going back! For $8.50/half dozen, these are likely to become staples in my freezer...

                      Note that the restaurant (which also has churrasco and some other menu items) is open 11-9 Mon through Sat but as the article states, they'll be closed for the next two Saturdays (7/20 and 7/27).

                      Anyone familiar with the places in Hackensack or Union that are mentioned in the article?

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                        I love Stella's Empanada's! And Curlz, you are right, the staff are very nice. I am always impressed that the empanada's are not greasy like some others. And they are made fresh - not under a heat lamp.
                        One thing that puzzles me. You wrote that they had no sauce. I always get either salsa or their homemade chimichurri sauce. The chimichurri is the best I've had.
                        I'm sure the folks at Stella's will be happy to read your review.

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                          Ah...then they just forgot to offer me sauce--which actually makes me feel MUCH better. I kept thinking it was a serious omission, most esp w/that spinach empanada. Now I know to ask for it next time!

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                          I've been working in Union 2-3 days a week, but next week is my last. So I'll need to go to Gusto y Sabor Colombiano on Morris Ave while it's still convenient for me!