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Apr 20, 2012 09:34 AM

V&T Pizzeria?

When I used to visit and then lived in NYC for several years (late '70s-80s), the place that had the "insider" reputation for best pizza in NYC was the V&T Pizzeria, near Columbia. I don't eat pizza myself, but I am bringing my goddaughter to NYC in a week and would like to take her to a good pizza place. I've looked at several of the Chowhound posts about NYC pizza, but don't see V&T mentioned anywhere (although it is a bit hard to search for!). So does anyone have an opinion on V&T's pizza nowadays? Thanks!

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  1. My friends and I all used to eat there too, in the '80's, on Amsterdam (around 112th Street?). Have often wondered why it was never mentioned in any of the NYC pizza posts. I rarely get up there to UWS these days. I'm curious if it's still in business. The West End closed, so it wouldn't surprise me if V&T suffered a similar fate.
    Anyone know anything about it?

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      Looks like it's still there--I actually checked this out to be sure before I wrote my post:

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        V&T is still around- and in the same location.It's probably never mentioned on this board or other food sites because the pizza is no different from what you can get at a hundred other neighborhood pizza joints- edible but cerfainly nothing special and nothing to go out of the way for. If you're more interested in taking your goddaughter there for old times sake, than go- but if you're looking for a place for really first rate pizza, you can do much, much better than V&T. A quick search of this board will give you lots of first rate choices.