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Apr 20, 2012 08:37 AM

D & f Astoria

AnybOdy go here?

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  1. D&F Deli on Broadway? Great Italian deli. We got hero sandwiches from them last weekend which were a big hit. Their cold cuts are very fresh and they have a nice supply of Italian grocery items.

    1. Great italian deli and market. I actually prefer their sandwiches over Sorriso's. I love their fried eggplant and will most often have a sandwich made with it and a different variety of meats and cheeses each time. They make their fresh mozz daily. I would eat a pound of their marinated artichoke hearts if I could. They have fresh pasta in their case and frozen pastas in their freezer. I like to shop there for italian groceries and pick up the imported parmesan cheese.

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        I'm about to be a regular have you tried their sausage

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          I have not had their sausage yet. The one time I was in the mood, they only had the hot kind in their case and I prefer "sweet". Now that I think about it, I probably should have asked if they had some in the back. They have lemon cookies up on the counter that I buy on occasion as they are hub's favorite type of cookie. I know they get them from elsewhere but they are great - very fresh, almost cakey, with a nicely sweetened lemon icing.

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          Their homemade marinara sauce is amazing. I stopped making my own b/c theirs is so wonderful. In fact, I moved to Nassau recently and still go to stock up on it! Also their fresh mozzarella is wonderful as well.