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Apr 20, 2012 07:19 AM

Dinner next Saturday w/ 5 Temple University Freshmen Women

Next Saturday (04/ 28) my wife and I will be visiting our niece who is a freshman at Temple. Four of her girlfriends will be joining us for dinner. Looking for a place with a lively atmosphere where the ladies can get slightly dressed up / fancy that won't break the bank. Not looking for a bar/cocktail atmoshpere (as none of our guests are 21). Would definitely consider a BYOB. Might be asking too much; however, any suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. Modo Mio has great food and is relatively close to the campus Its BYO.,. Osteria is the next place I would consider though keep an eye on the bank. You also have Route 6 on Broad Street. Lively atmosphere and good fish/lobster and surprisingly reasonable, especially if liquor is not involved.

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      I'd also suggest Route 6. It is very lively, a short drive from campus, and I'd think most freshman wouldn't treat themselves to a dinner there.

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        Route 6 was my first thought too. Modo Mio is so small that it is difficult for larger parties (tried w/groups of 6-7 three different times and had service issues each time). Osteria is great, but possible too expensive. Route 6 would be fun.

        If you want a non-seafood option, I'd head into Center City. I bet they'd like Parc, which is also fairly reasonable without drinks.

      2. I would skip Modo Mio for being too small/non lively, Route 6 and Osteria will break the bank with 7 people and they cater to an older crowd.

        I tihnk El Vez would fit the bill here perfectly: food that freshman students will like, a Stephen Starr atmosphere in a cool part of the city and reasonable prices, especially for share-able appetizers like nachos's large, fun, not too far from campus and there's a photobooth in the back, score!

        In terms of BYO.... eh... honestly if you aren't drinking BYO's can end up being more expensive since the cost of food is higher, whereas other restaurants have lower food prices to compensate for expensive alcohol. Since you won't be buying any of the later, it works out in your favor to go to a non-BYO, in my opinion.

        1. There's no place I'd suggest walking distance from campus. (Osteria is the closest, but still far to walk and it's not exactly the most scenic stretch of Philly. And it's expensive.) That said, if you get on the subway you can easily get to most of center city, even old city or a place like Zahav if you don't mind changing trains.
          If you're driving, it's pretty easy and quick to get to Fairmount or northern liberties, which each have some nice restaurants.

          1. what about distrito in university city? too far?

            1. how about Opa - new Greek place near El Vez - very urban hip vibe, great Greek food - and it's around the corner from Capogira for dessert.