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Apr 20, 2012 07:00 AM

Need recipes for no sugar-no salt-no cholesterol diet

Have a friend who is on a no sugar,no salt and no cholesterol diet.Would love to cook him some delicious dishes but haven't had any experience in cooking with such a limited diet.Can anyone help me by sharing some of your recipes?So glad this thread was created!

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  1. do you know the reasons he has to follow these specific restrictions? and your general request for "some recipes" is so broad that it would be really helpful if you told us some of his favorite dishes or cuisines as a starting point.

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      He is a diabetic and has just had heart surgery and a stent put in.Loves meat dishes and desserts.Is a active person and has a weekly job.Hope this helps you and you can help me with some recipes.

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        I have found recipes on the web. Also there are lots of heart healthy cookbooks out there. I had a stent put in Nov. 30 and the dr. put me on a no salt, no fat no taste diet. :) I at first ate lot of yogurt and cereal but then I got real hungry. I like stir fries, lots of vegetables, etc. The dietitian at my cardio therapy said to use whole wheat pasta but I don't like it at all, and no one in my family does either. Brown rice isn't bad. Spicy foods are ok, as long as it's not real hot. Mostly I'm cooking my regular recipes, just leaving out a lot of the salt. I made my homemade tomato sauce without salt and no one in the house could tell the difference.

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          Well, you want a low carb, low sat fat regimen. What has his dietitian recommended? If he is diabetic, then he has probably been eating low carb already. I'd find out what he would like to eat and then try to find a similar item that has been designed to minimize saturated fat and carbs.

          You probably won't be able to do a baked treat, though. Artificial sweeteners do not produce a good baked treat. And the flour in the treat is high carb, as well. I agree about consulting a heart healthy cookbook, The American Heart Association has a comprehensive book of recipes for heart patients.

          Just remember that eating too much fruit, or flour, is as bad for a diabetic as eating sugar.

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            Lots of sweeteners work well in heat/baking. Sugar alcohols and liquid sweetzfree do, for examples.

      2. Ask your healthcare folks if they like the De Boles brand of pasta. I particularly like the jerusalem artichoke pastas. Here's a link with info. Good luck!

        1. Thanks for everyones suggestions.I should have stated I just wanted to carry him several dishes when I visited him while he was recovering.He has a wonderful family who will prepare and meet his dietary needs.Thanks again.

          1. Absolutely my best suggestion for low salt is the Organic Marinara Sauce at Trader Joe's as it has only 25 mg of sodium (name brands Marinara or other spaghetti sauces have 300-700 mg). It is very tomato-y and can be used in countless dishes. For example, instead of having it on pasta, have it on sauteed zucchini squash or steamed spaghetti squash---better than you'd expect. Find out what he was enjoying as a diabetic, before the heart business started, then accommodate it in a low-sodium way. Avoid prepared foods (deli, frozen dinners etc) as all are loaded with sodium. Lemon juice is excellent--try it instead of salt on green vegetables such as spinach. Low-sodium V8 is good and even if the drinker sprinkles a LITTLE salt on it, it won't be as much as is in the normal V8. Sugar-free fruit sorbets would meet all your criteria. BTW the hospital that did the stent surgery should have a registered dietitian on staff---talk to her, or have the patient call her. Forget asking an MD about diet---we never ran into one that knew anything about special diets---find a dietitian (not a nutritionist as no qualifications are required of them---you need a licensed and registered dietitian). Or whoever is following this patient's diabetes can refer him to a clinic or group that does diet.

            1. It might be too late for your request, but in case someone else is looking...

              I'd make a caramelized onion and potato egg-white frittata. It could be full-sized, mini, whatever. Just caramelize a ton of onions in olive oil only (because there's NEVER a reason to add sugar when caramelizing onions! Sorry... that's my pet peeve). Then combine with egg whites, potatoes, chives or green onions, and whatever other vegetables strike your (and your friend's) fancy: perhaps sauteed or roasted peppers, zucchini, spinach/chard/kale, ...

              I'd use about a teaspoon or two of deeply caramelized onions per egg. Or one onion per every 4-6 eggs. Or to taste. Just remember that "deeply caramelized" (i.e., very dark brown) onions are very, very sweet. Add some lemon juice if you think you need to balance all those sweet flavors. But you probably don't.

              The results are great warm, but better at room temp, and are even OK when fridged or frozen for a while.

              If someone cooked this for me, I would be their friend for life!

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                If he's diabetic, potatoes are off the chart same as sugar. The rest sounds great, though.