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Apr 20, 2012 06:46 AM

Ontario asparagus-anyone bought it yet this year?

If my ontario produce chart is correct, 'tis the season for local asparagus. Yet all my local markets still only have asparagus from Mexico (that just seems wrong).

Anyone have any updates as to when/where I can get me some locally grown spears?

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  1. You'll have more luck in early May. Culinarium will likely update their website and twitterstream once the asparagus comes in.

    @FoodlandOnt is tweeting that it will be ready the last week of April.

    Sounds like some asparagus is available at Martins Fruit Farm ‏in Waterloo now. @MartinsApples

    I've seen some US-grown asparagus at Remark Market in London, ON, since it's in season in some States right now. Might not be local, but at least it's more local than Mexican asparagus, I guess. I would think Harvest Wagon would have some US-grown asparagus.