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Apr 20, 2012 06:19 AM

Best Dim Sum in Richmond Hill / Markham Area?


I'd like to go out for Dim Sum tomorrow, Just wondernig which places are the best in Richmond Hill / Markham area (preferrably Richmond Hill).

I'm going with someone that has never had Dim Sum before, so I want them to have a great first impression!

Thanks so much in advance,

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  1. Yang's seems to be at the top of their game right now. Plus the setting is quite contemporary and (I think) nicer than some of the other players out there.

    Here's a write up with photos of a recent experience:

    1. Tomorrow means Saturday! Try getting there as early as possible! Preferably before 11.00am!! Less hectic = Better service too!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        For good value, I would recommend Emperor for their early bird discount (but check website for hours).
        For comtemporary, Yangs.
        For atmosphere where you have an enormous dining room and lots of noise (Chinese restaurants are typically 'loud'), I would recommend Casa Victoria.

        1. re: caitlink

          Good value is one thing, but I don't find Emperor's quality that appealing. Even Regal16 or Golden Court are better.

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Regal 16's dim sum is not terrible, but the service is (especially if you are not a regular).

            1. re: T Long

              Regal 16 doesn't have much options for dim sum. Golden Court's dim sum is maybe the least expensive among the ones mentioned here.

          2. re: caitlink

            I've tried dim sum at Yang's, Emperor, Casa Victoria, Regal 16 and Golden Court. I like Yang's and Emperor. I wouldn't care to go back to Casa Victoria. However, I would go back to Emperor often. I found Emperor's quality is good and homey (and close to where I live). Environment is clean, spacious, and homey. Service is good too.

            1. re: chutchut

              Based on latest experiences, I would add Spring Villa and Crown Prince to the list.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                the newly opened golden duke chinese cuisine resturant on highway 7/ mc cowan seems to have decent dim sum as well.

                1. re: Pigurd

                  I found Golden Duke just so so. The har gow skin was soggy and the rice noodle rolls (cheung fun) were thick and heavy. The chicken feet was ok, most of the other dishes we had were good but not great.

        2. Which of the dim sum places listed would be open and appropriate for a client lunch on a Monday? Considering Yang's, Emperor, Casa Victoria, Spring Villa, and Crown Prince. The closer it is to Hwy 7/Leslie, the better.

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          1. re: TeacherFoodie

            Casa victoria would be the closest. But if client lunch, u may want some place less noisy and more i
            Intimate. So that would be casa imoerial at warden and steeles

              1. re: caitlink

                For 'quiet ambiance' and more than acceptable Dim Sum, I used to go to 'Emperor Court' inside the Hilton Suite on Hwy#7 and Warden. Ideal for business meeting. Haven't been back! Is it still in business??

            1. I have tried many places that were recommended, but I always end up at Dragon Dynasty in the Chartwell Mall at Brimley & Huntingwood.
              I don't want to pay double to have my dimsum served in a martini glass, a steamer basket is fine, I just want fresh, hot, good quality. A few adorable older cart ladies, giggling at me when I order in Cantonese is cool, too :-)