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Apr 20, 2012 05:27 AM

Sizing issue after clicking on user name

I'm seeing something weird: when I click on a user name to see that user's posts, the page that comes up is about three sizes larger than the page I was on (font, etc, as if I had expanded it). This happens with different user names, on different boards. I'm using Chrome on a MacBook, v 10.6.8.

Just thought I should let someone know!

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  1. Did you (or anyone else that uses your computer) expand any pages on CHOW? Since the Profile page is on the same domain as the editorial half of the site ( instead of, many modern browsers will remember your zoom-in settings and bring them back when you visit any page on that half of the site. You can reset the zoom settings on a page with the keyboard shortcut CTRL + 0 (or CMD + 0 on Apple systems).

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    1. re: Engineering

      Well, CMD+0 reset the zoom settings, which as you said, must have been saved from a previous visit in which I expanded the page. And now I feel quite foolish. :) Thanks for the insight, and sorry to have wasted your time!

      1. re: Engineering

        Super excellent answer, Engineering!

        Chrome also has the wrench symbol(Far upper right in address bar) that shows the zoom value and adjustments.