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Anyone baking schlissel challah?

Wishing everyone parnassah b'revach u'b'kavod.

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  1. I am. I put a key in the loaf, not shape it into a key.

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      I make a key shape, even though my kids always say it ends up looking more like a fish.

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        Ah, so my daughter is not crazy. She said that she is making a mess load of challas and she asked me if I had a new key. I looked at her like she was nuts.

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          You bake the key in it? Interesting. Our family pokes holes in the dough with a key.

        2. My friend actually had a good point. She said we should all carve in the numbers of our Shabbos combo locks because no one uses keys anymore. I made a key shape out of dough and attached it to the top. I did the actual key one year and couldn't help feeling that I was poisoning my children. That and the horrible quality of my Challah...

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              I wrapped the key in foil, made ten challahs, then forgot which had the key! I figured it was a spare key so not a big deal. Later, when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I found the foil wrapped key sitting on top of the toaster. I hope the challahs taste good... NeW recipe!

          1. The first year I did this I Made a ton of challah and forgot which loaf had the key. Took a few weeks till we found it! And now I know to wrap it in foil, as well.

            1. I made it last night. We have a disagreement on minhaggim in our family, over if we should do key shape or key in the challah. I did both. Made a key shape and also put a key in. I boiled water and disinfected the key and then wrapped into tinfoil. Shabbat shalom!

              1. Do it every year, but with a different recipe... this one looks like it might be a keeper. I usually do both a key shape and the key wrapped in foil, but I forgot to make the key shape this year.

                1. My wife baked a challah each for night and day with keys in them. Personally don't like keys in my challah, but Jenny likes to do it, so why not. After many years of doing this, the segulah still has not done its stuff. Still, she continues...