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Apr 19, 2012 09:03 PM

Any suggestions for seafood restaurants or just plain good food in Pismo Beach ,Ca?

Hi, I will be going down to Pismo Beach for the weekend and would really appreciate some recommendations for good seafood restaurants around the area. Casual or Fancy - does not matter. Or if that does not exist - suggestions for restaurants with any kind of good food would be helpful, quality being more important than anything else, though things like a good view or pleasant experience are also nice.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide!

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  1. Splash has the most fans and often lines around the block for seafood, esp their clam chowder. Our own favorite is the ****Phithy Phil*** ribs at Mo's just up a block on the same downtown main street that leads to the pier.

    Not as crazy about anything else on the Mo's menu, but we drive up from Santa Barbara especially for Mo's. The salt water taffy and other hand made goodies at HotLix down the street is a good way to finish on a lush Philthy Phils pork rib dinner at Mo's. is this their food festival weekend - could be crazy and crowded.

    No views but nice funky, casual small cafe atmosphere is very appealing when you are there to really concentrate on the food. Wow I can just taste the combo of the root beer on tap and the ribs we love so much there. I think DH and I are due for a road trip again!

    1. The Ventana Grill next to the Shore Cliff Best Western does a very good fish and chips so I would expect their fish specials to be on the mark as well, also can't beat the view.

      Up the street in Shell Beach Lido inside the Dolphin Bay Resort is putting out some great food lately.

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        You got my attention PolarBear because you have a good track record finding unusual and hidden places like this Dolphin Bay "Lido" restaurant - could be a good overnight get away for us local south coasters:

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          Another great choice is The Cracked Crab on Price St. in Pismo.

      2. Thank you all very much. I will go check out all of these places' menus. Sounds good,

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          Save some room for Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream at the Tacky Tourist place on the corner of Pomeroy, just up the street from the ocean from Mo's and Splash.

        2. This might contain some additional info for your trip: