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Apr 19, 2012 08:47 PM

Seeking vegetarian restaurants in the DC area

I live in Arlington, VA - and I love Clare and Don's Beach Shack in Falls Church for its fun outdoor seating and good selection of vegetarian choices. I'm eager to hear other recommendations for restaurants with great veggie choices in the DC area - casual or upscale. Thank you!

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  1. I like Sunflower. There's one in FC, but I've only been to the one in Vienna. I find their menu items hit or miss, though. The "Chinese" type stuff is gloppy and gross, imo, but I love their soups. There's one that has a veggie burger (and lots of noodles) in it that I really love.

    1. For upscale special occasions certainly check out Equinox. They have fabulous vegeterian options and also a vegeterian tasting menu I believe. They are also very flexible so if you call ahead with your food restrictions they probably can help you out.

      More moderately priced (depending on what you order) is Rasika. There are now 2 locations. I haven't tried the West End location yet but the one in Penn Quarter is incredible. Indian cooking with French technique---truly special.

      For something a little more laid back Agora has a number of options for vegetarians, as does Jaleo.

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          I second Agora -- it is a mediterranean "meze" menu, with several veggie options. The m├╝cver (squash cakes) are excellent!

        2. Saravana Palace in Fairfax - all vegetarian Indian.
          Dino in Cleveland Park has great vegetarian options.
          Meridian Pint in Columbia Heights
          Busboys and Poets (a few locations)

          That's just a start...

          1. You also might be able to find a number of items at Graffiato. I'm bringing a friend there next week who only eats veggies and fish and this looked like a good option.

            1. Compassion Over Killing runs the best vegetarian restaurant site I've seen for any locality:

              If one to recommend one place it would be Sticky Fingers, which inexplicably still has "bakery" in their name but is so much more.