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Apr 19, 2012 07:49 PM

Where to buy "Game" meat in the Twin Cities?

My 11 yo daughter has the Hunger Games cookbook which is full of recipes for game - venison, rabbit etc. Anyone know where we can buy game meat in the Twin Cities? She is fired up about cooking it.

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  1. Whole foods has bison for starts and on the internet D'artagnan sells all kinds of game at premium prices.

    1. I've purchased rabbit from Clancey's.

      1. Pheasants at Asian markets.

        1. Seward Co-op often has elk or bison in the meat case and they usually have rabbit frozen. I've also gotten rabbit from the Bar 5 stand at the Farmers Market.

          1. If you're willing to drive to Hudson, Venison America has a very good selection of game. Venison, duck, elk, bison, rabbit...