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Apr 19, 2012 07:46 PM

ISO Old Bay Seasoning

Got my hands on some crawfish. Going to try to do a Louisiana style Crawfish boil. Anyone know where I can get Old Bay Seasoning (or any other similar Crab/Shrimp boil seasoning mix), preferably in the Plateau/Mile End area?

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  1. Almost all fishmongers stock it as well as gourmet shops.

    See this thread:

    1. Where did you find your crawfish & a what price.

      I was in N-O last month & I'm craving crawfish now!


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      1. re: Kinyo

        I'd like to know as well. Pecheries Noref used to sell frozen crawdads, but they were 1. small, 2. expensive, 3. small packages only.

        Kinyo, this might be of interest

        1. re: porker

          Thanks for the link Porker.

          I saw live ones 2 years ago at La Mer, I might have to go check there!

          I have my crawfish boil spices ready to be put to use.

          1. re: Kinyo

            I've been following the threads a while about crawfish. So yesterday at Poissonnerie Antoine he had a small box of them. Perhaps 6-8 pounds. I took it all. He said it was the first time he was selling it. A bit of a try-out. He said he only sold a couple of pounds of them that day. I didn't quite look for Old Bay, but I'm not sure he stocks it. I might have more luck going to Falero up Parc.

            1. re: estilker

              Were they pre-cooked? Frozen? Live?
              And about what size?


              1. re: porker

                Most of them were alive. They were small I think(although I can't really compare). It was a lot of fun, though quite a lot of work peeling them (but that's half the fun). At $3.80 / lb.

                Ended up making my own Old Bay seasoning by combining white pepper, black pepper, celery salt, cayenne pepper, cloves, paprika, all spice, garlic and onions.

      2. They sell old bay at the 2 fish stores at the jean-talon market.just bought some before Christmas

        1. How funny, I live in Maryland- (where Old Bay Seasoning is everywhere. But when I visit Montreal, I take home many bottles of Schwartz's seasonings to tide me over until my next trip or I can beg a friend to bring me some.

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          1. re: mrsphud

            I love the 16 oz tins of Old Bay which I first saw in Maryland. I was like "Wow, look at this! Put 5 in the cart..."
            Although I'm in NY state & Vermont quite often, I never saw this format again.

          2. They got Old Bay at La Vielle Europe.