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Apr 19, 2012 07:25 PM

cheese plates in St Paul or Minneapolis

Tomorrow (Friday) night is a much needed date night with my husband. We both love cheese, so...

I'm looking for a place that has great cheese plates. Several varieties of cheeses, fun crackers, fruit, nuts, etc. Reasonably priced wine and fabulous desserts are a big plus. We'll probably have two hours without the kiddos.

We are located in Roseville. Closer is better, but we can easily drive to either downtown.

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  1. I have had nice cheese plates at the lounge at La Belle Vie and at Meritage (I think Meritage still has a cart). Both of these also have fabulous desserts.

    1. Cafe and Bar Lurcat has great cheese choices, and wonderful desserts.
      WA Frost would be closer to you, and has great cheeses, and a wonderful bar to enjoy them in.

      1. I've had great cheese plates at both Alma and Vincent.

        1. I know this is past your dinner, but I love cheese. Having tried the cheese at the aforementioned places except for Meritage and Frost, my experience is that Heidi's has the best cheese service in town (or at least did at their previous incarnation).

          1. Buster's on 28th does a pretty good cheese plate. Good selection of craft beers and wines. When I was there it was pretty much hard cheese (albeit good) however, no ripe runny stuff.