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Reactions to City Pages "Best of..."???


What do you guys think of the picks?

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  1. Coupla thoughts....
    Best restaurant when someone else is paying should go away...what a backhanded jest if I've ever heard one. It's minnesotan for too expensive for what you get.
    Also, how Pat's tap inconsistent mediocrity gets acknowledged for anything other than something that soaks up whiskey? I don't get it.
    Other than that, these lists seem like the same old thing...it's a pretty small dining scene when you boil it down, and this list ain't that chowish...

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    1. re: mitch cumstein

      Pat's Tap sucks period, it's a low rent Muddy Waters.

    2. There should be fewer categories. The "best" in some of the categories like Indian, Korean, and Thai are best only because there's no competition.

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      1. re: kuan

        I was thinking the same thing when I saw Solera won for best tapas.

      2. If anyone thinks Heartland is outdoing Meritage these days, they haven't been eating out. Then again, I'd probably give the Lenny the award too just so I didn't get a 6,000 word missive directed my way for not picking it......

        1. Our best restaurant is known for their toast.

          Heartland wins on idea / ideals, but not on food.

          Maybe the readers should request a "Best Food" category?

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          1. Agree with most of the sentiments above. Also don't understand the appeal of Big Daddy's - I have never been at all impressed (though I know we're not a municipality with much to brag about when it comes to BBQ).

            1. Same old same old. And I too agree with most of these comments, Many categories have little competitiion, A couple things that bugged me.

              Lindey's is our best steak place? Ummm...that's sort of embarrassing. I giant hunk of steak and an iceberg lettuce salad is the best we can do? I strongly disagree. The one time i went I left and had to immediately throw my clothes in the wash and send my coat to the dry cleaner because you can't escape that place without smelling like whatever it is they marinate their meat in.

              It bugged me that the pictures they used don't match the category. For example, the best desserts award goes to Victory 44 and they display a picture of a sandwich. The best meatloaf displays a pic of fish. It kind of seems like CityPages didn't put a lot of effort into this one.

              I haven't been to Spring Street in awhile but I was kind of expecting to see DSpot win the best wings category.

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              1. re: Bobannon

                >> It kind of seems like CityPages didn't put a lot of effort into this one.

                Woo, boy - you can say that again. CP has been phoning it in for years. This is a tweet.

              2. CP should expand to include:

                "Best Placement of 'Best Of' Award Montage"

                "Best Disagreement Between a Cartoon and a Chef"

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                1. re: keg

                  isn't that citypages thing just advertisements for prostitutes and escort services?

                  1. re: zfwp

                    No. City Pages reports on all sorts of things from a different perspective than the Strib or PP. An overall very good thing IMO. How one feels about their "best of" choices for food may be different.

                    1. re: Haricotsv2

                      I agree with Hari.....City Pages now breaks as many stories a year as the Strib and the the PressPatch. They are a real asset to the town.

                      The best of edition will always have critics. I'm glad they still do it, and the edition looked great this year. Plus it was free! Come on folks....see what MPLS/STP mag charges you for a single copy.

                      I don't work for them, just reading since the Twin Cities Pages and beyond....

                2. The biggest laughers for me...

                  1) Lindey's - I'm sorry, but you can't give best steakhouse to only offers one type of steak and doesn't even do that in any noteworthy way.

                  2) Skinner's - I love me a good dive bar, but that place is a dump.

                  Other thoughts:

                  -I can't speak to the best restaurant MPLS choice, since I haven't been, but it seems like the consensus is still very much up the air about that place.

                  -Thumbs up for the Tilia/Steven Brown picks, though they are obvious. Also thumbs up for A Baker's Wife and Buster's. I love both of those spots.

                  1. I like reading CP but I've never been impressed with their Best Of rankings. It seems like often the picks are just the trendiest places, not the best ones.

                    1. The publication is not really on my radar. I notice it once in a while when I'm out, and about once a year glance idly through it when I don't have anything more interesting to engage my attention. Can't say it's impacted my life in the least.

                        1. re: Latinpig

                          Not the one on Rice next to the old StarGate. I've know Chief for over 15 years now, even when he was up on Lexington back in the day. He puts together a good steak, baked potato, and Texas Toast Dinner for under $10. It's not the greatest meal ever, but for a quality cheap steak dinner, he's almost impossible to top.

                          1. re: Db Cooper

                            Nope...that's not the same place.