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Apr 19, 2012 06:12 PM

Kingston chowhounders thoughts...

Hey all,

I'm a starving Grad student leaving town soon and am going out for one final, nice meal in Kingston. I'm leaning towards Casa, but am wondering if anyone has any opinions on it. My other choices would be Atomica, Chien Noir or Aquaterra. I want to choose wisely, as it will be one of my last meals here.


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  1. Have you tried Chez Piggy? One of my favs.

    1. I went to Casa a year or so ago - it was very, very good. I enjoyed it much more than Le Chien Noir. Le Chien Noir was good... just wasn't as memorable.

      I've only been to Aquaterra for brunch. It was good, but I didnt love the atmosphere. I definitely think Le Chien Noir and Casa are both a bit more intimate. I'd say the atmosphere of Casa is the most "romantic" of the bunch if that's what you're looking for.

      Atomica... not bad, but I would say it's the least nice of the bunch. It was alright, but I never had a craving to go back again. It is definitely the most "trendy" of your options though. For specialty pizza, I prefer Woodenheads actually.

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        I used to favour Chez Piggy until I tried AquaTerra's exceptional cooking and charming service. Reserve a window table, the view of the harbour is an uniquely Kingston bonus. It's one of Canada's finest and most memorable restaurants.

      2. Another vote for Aquaterra! With a nice view! Then Casa, then Chien Noir, and then Atomica.
        And sorry that you're leaving town...

        1. Definitely vote for Aquaterra. Food is really good, great price and beautiful view. Casa is good, but I prefer Aqua. Atomica is a little more casual