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Apr 19, 2012 06:03 PM

Stadium/Arena Experience

Best stadium/arena food experience, anywhere in USA. Love to hear people's opinions.

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  1. Tailgating at Arrowhead (KC Chiefs) in early November.

    1. Being invited into the corporate boxes at New York Jets/Giants Football games......the food is horrible, but the beverages and private bathroom in a controlled environment make me forget about the food.

      The Legend seats @ Yankee Stadium are also nice.....everything but alcohol is included and brought to you at the seats and inside the restaurant there is more food than you could possibly imagine. I've been there when Lobster, King Crab and Lamb Chops were featured. You've never seen so many people waste food in your life. Carl's Steaks/Cheesesteaks are better than the Lobel's steak sandwiches.

      The worst is @ the US Open Tennis Championships in Flushing Meadow.

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      1. re: fourunder

        Roland Garros has pretty good food out of all the Slam sites.

        But I think the food experience at Arthur Ashe has more to do with the wet sticky weather of a NYC September than the actual food.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          What kind of food did they have at Roland Garros, and, more specifically, any highlights and lowlights?

          1. re: DougRisk

            I had the most amazing strawberries and cream there. While I've never been to the All England Club, I can't imagine it being any better across the channel.

            Some highlights were the souffle, seafood (e.g. langoustines, mussels and scallops), and some great Vietnamese inspired dishes like Banh Mi.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Wow, thanks.

              What kind of Souffle?

              1. re: DougRisk

                Mostly savory ones. Although there was a lemon-mint curd souffle that was outrageous.

        2. re: fourunder

          "The worst is @ the US Open Tennis Championships in Flushing Meadow."

          It is interesting to hear you say that. I went to a night match at the most recent US Open and enjoyed the food. The food I ate was at the large general concession and I was impressed with the options (I am comparing to other large sports arenas):

          Fish and Chips
          Sausage Subs
          various "Chinese"

          And, they also had things like burgers and dogs, obviously. I thought that things like the Pizza and Fish and Chips looked good.

          I got the Sausage Sandwich and really liked it. My friend got the burger and fries and definitely enjoyed it.

          Plus, there was lots of seating at actual tables with picnic umbrellas. Now, I have had even better experiences at places like Camden Yards, but I was definitely impressed and I am looking forward to going back, though, that is mainly because of the tennis...but the food did not hurt.

        3. There are some pretty good garlic fries at Pac Bell Park for SF Giants home games.

          1. When we lived in Bmore our favorite date night was at Camden Yard. Beef sandwich w/bleacher seat for $12(?) bucks. Throw in free DD soda it was a very cheap dinner and entertainment.

            I don't know if other stadiums do it but I like that they have a peanut free suite for those with allergies.

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            1. re: viperlush

              I don't know how common this is at other baseball parks, but in many seats at Camden Yards, as you may know, you can get food delivered to your seat. Yeah, it costs extra, but it is nice that they offer.

              I don't remember seeing that at Franklin Field in Philly.

              BTW, I love Camden Yards. And the aquarium. M&T Stadium is nice, but the process for letting in the fans for the one game I went to was odd. Still, great atmosphere.

              1. re: DougRisk

                We sat in those seats a couple times but decided it wasn't worth it. Except for a handful of games the stadium never filled so it was just cheaper to just get cheap seats and move around. And stop on the way in for sandwiches.

                1. re: DougRisk

                  Franklin Field? That place is well over 100 years and, from what I know, hosts only U of Penn football games and the Penn Relays. I haven't been there since I was a kid, but I wouldn't expect a full service option there.

                  1. re: gaffk

                    You are absolutely right.

                    I meant Citizens Bank Park. Woops.

                    1. re: DougRisk

                      Yeah, big difference there. I think they do now offer seat delivery; I'll try to confirm next Sunday when I'm watching them not hit against the Cubs.

                2. re: viperlush

                  My fondest stadium memories also stem from games at Camden Yards. I lived right up the street, about halfway to Lexington Market. What a paradise location for a food dork baseball fan!

                  Cal's streak was still alive as was the consecutive sellouts. In order to sell single tickets, about two hours before a game, the box office would dispense remaining tickets for a buck if you showed a student ID. Where you'd be sitting was a mystery, but also part of the fun. Sometimes, really good seats were your reward for showing up.

                  The vendors outside sold hot, freshly roasted peanuts for a dollar. Spectacular! I'd grab two bags and be good for the game. A splurge on a pit beef from Boog's place was always a fine temptation - sweet, succulent beef mounded with horseradish (occasionally, I'd smuggle some of the freshly ground stuff from Lexington in).

                  There were two spots inside selling local craft beers (though "micro" was the term then) for three bucks a pint. Cheaper than the same beers often were in the bars. We used to refer to the Yards as the best bar in Baltimore with hardly a cover charge and great live entertainment. It was almost enough to turn my pinstripe heart . . . almost.

                3. Citizen's Bank Park in Philly has pretty good food. There's Harry the K's, where you can sit out and watch BP while you enjoy a Schmitter sandwich and beverage. Also, Bull's BBQ puts out good food. There are also outposts of Philly faves Chickie's & Pete's and Tony Luke's. They also have good craft brews stationed around the park. Then for dessert, there's Old City Creamery and Philly water ice.

                  My favorite seats are in the Hall of Fame Club--it has a couple of cafes and a full service bar indoors. So in April, if it's cold you can go inside and get a Manhattan; in August, you can escape to the A/C and get something tropical.

                  I'm also told they have some amazing vegetarian food.