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Apr 19, 2012 05:19 PM

Should I tip?

Tonight we ordered this hot meal that comes to our door, not from a restaurant, but this service where you select from several items and they cook it and bring it to you anywhere in town. I get the feeling it's a very small operation and I have the idea (don't know for sure) that one of the owners will be delivering our meal. There is a delivery charge. Should I tip? I guess I'm thinking tha if it's an owner they set the prices, so no, but if it's a driver, maybe yes, or do they likely get paid a standard wage in such a small business? Thanks.

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  1. I have a young friend who does this and believe me, they depend upon tips. You would tip the pizza delivery person wouldn't you? This is no different.

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      Agree, I would treat it like any other food delivery.

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        1. I'd tip.

          Sounds like a great service!

          1. i woudl most certiainly TIP. If it does happnen to be a owner / partner deliverying the food; they will more and likley decline the extra money.

            Delivering charges usually does not help the delivery person at all, just the establishment.