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Apr 19, 2012 05:15 PM

New Nordic cuisine?

Does anyone know of any area restaurants serving New Nordic cuisine? Or if not a full-themed Nordic restaurant, maybe a place that features some of the dishes? It's for an article that my wife is writing. Thanks!

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  1. IKEA? - kidding. there's a place in NYC midtown that fits your bill (name escapes me) but DC? we got gravlax and that's about it.

    get your minions working on finagling an invite to an event at the Swedish/Icelandic Embassy

    1. Aquavit is the restaurant the previous poster is probably thinking about.

      In DC, check out Domku. It's pretty Scandinavian.

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        Thanks to you both. She was at an event put on by the Icelandic Embassy but I don't think it was at the House of Sweden. That's what sparked this interest.

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            Is there a specific item of Swedish cuisine? I lived in Denmark and when I want very Scandinavian things, I do just go to Ikea. However, I've heard good things about Domku but it's more pan-European than specifically Scandinavian. This area is not a hotbed of Nordic immigrants, but if you're ever in Seattle or Minneapolis, those two places are!

        1. The best you can do for Scandinavian in the DC area is a style of Swedish food called Husmanskost. This includes the traditional national dishes such meatballs, stuffed cabbage leaves, beef or veal patties sauteed in butter, gravlax, pickled or pan-fried herring, a potato-and-anchovy casserole, and fresh peas when in season and ALWAYS lingon! These can easily be made home, with the exception of the herring dishes. Buy the anchovies at Ikea -- they are a specific kind used by the Swedes.

          New Nordic Cuisine is very specific. If you don't mind a trip to New York, this is from the Times back in March: