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Apr 19, 2012 05:13 PM

Lunch and Brunch Near National Portrait Gallery

Am in next weekend and already have taken care of dinners but need recs for lunch Friday on arrival and Saturday/Sunday brunch. Tabard Inn sold out. Any suggestions?

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  1. Poste has great lunches and probably also brunch and is across the street from Portrait Gallery (Tabard is far away).

    1. For lunch, Jaleo (Spanish) is always delicious as is Zaytinia (Mediterranean).

      1. Cedar has a good brunch.

        1. Do you need a traditional brunch? If not, The Source's dim sum brunch would be really fun. For more traditional, look into America Eats Tavern.

          For lunch, I HIGHLY recommend you walk out the north entrance of the gallery and go to Proof, just across the street. The food is fabulous, but even better is their lunch at the bar, which comes with a glass of wine. The shrimp burger is pretty fantastic, but if they have gnocchi, you have to try it. Their gnocchi beats all.

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            Yes if you are looking for a non-traditional brunch, The Source is also incredible (and depending how much you order a ton of food!). But it's not your usual eggs and bacon type of deal so check out the menu first.

          2. For lunch I would check out Proof. They have a really good lunch deal if you want to sit at the bar. Otherwise, they have nice outdoor dining if the weather is good. It's right across the street from the Portrait Gallery (depending on what exit you use). I went there recently and had a delicious salad nicoise.

            Another option would be Graffiato for awesome Italian small plates. I believe they also have a lunch deal at their bar.

            In that area I've had nice brunches at Poste (although I sometimes think their menu doesn't have a ton of super brunchy items) and Cedar.

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              Thanks to all. Will report back next week.

              1. re: fresser123

                Had a great weekend. Proof for lunch on Friday. The bar deal is fantastic. I'm a fan. Dinner at Obelisk. Wow. Saturday lunch at Standard outside. The pulled pork was okay. Dinner at Thai Xing. Very good. Brunch Sunday at Palena. Burger, Crepe and Papardelle were hits all around. Promise to get to your other recs on my next trip soon. Thanks for your guidance.

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                  I tasted a friend's pulled pork once at The Standard. It's OK, but not their best work. Every time I've been there until this weekend, I've gotten the brisket sandwich, which I love. This Sunday I got a sausage and sauerkraut they had on special. Delicious! My friend had the slawdog which she was crazy about. Also, their onion rings are wonderful, as are their freshly fried doughnuts on weekends, if you can get them right out of the fryer. I also love their hushpuppies. So you might want to give them a second chance.