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Apr 19, 2012 03:06 PM

Spice Up Exclusive Indian Cuisine

Located where Legendary Noodles on Main near 26th was. Anyone been yet ?

I only peeked in one rainy night into an empty restaurant, and it looked nice inside:

I could TOFTT but .......

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  1. I had lunch there service was good-food so/so.

    Not eating much Indian these days so little desire to return.

    1. We've been a few times. The owners are a young Nepalese couple -- the husband cooks (I believe he trained in India) and the wife is out front. The service is friendly, as SS said, and the food no worse than most Indian places locally (and may be better than many). The prices are a tad high for what you get, but not enough to prevent us from going if we're in the area and feel like Indian food.

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      1. re: À la carte

        To bad they aren't sticking to their roots and serving Nepalese there

        1. re: vandan

          They seemed open to the suggestion of adding more Nepalese items to the menu (the lamb with beans is Nepalese) but I don't know if they've done so -- we haven't been back in a while.

          1. re: À la carte

            13 bucks plus tax tip for dal and rice? pass

            1. re: 1newyorkguy

              Ouch. It's < 10 mins to drive down Main to Little India @ 49 Ave .....

              1. re: LotusRapper

                Thanks for the tip..will check it out.

                1. re: 1newyorkguy

                  Just for clarity, I think LR means the area of "Little India" that is around Main and 49th (also Fraser Street).

                  1. re: grayelf

                    Thanks GE, yeah that's what I meant.

                    1. re: LotusRapper

                      FWIW Little India isn't a place to look for anything but the lowest quality mass produced/over salted examples of Punjabi cooking.

                      Further south @ 57/Main is Best Quality Sweets a place that uses only quality ingredients and is 100% vegetarian.