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Apr 19, 2012 02:56 PM

International Food Markets in LA

I'm new here- any suggestions?

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  1. Have you discovered the Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. yet?

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    1. There's also a really good Asian market on Hollywood Blvd. just east of Western. (Sorry...I'm spacing on the name.) Great selection....terrific prices.

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      1. There is an International House of Pancakes.

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        1. Jon's Marketplace is a decent chain with locations around LA. They've got most of the regular grocery items plus a decent selection of Eastern European style breads, cheese, sausages and booze. The liquor aisle alone is worth checking out - where else can you get a bottle of Russian Standard vodka for $13?

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            And Lurpak Danish butter for $3.50, instead of the $5.99 Whole Foods charges.

            Mr Taster

          2. There are so many. Is there anything in particular you are looking for? Also, by "international" do you mean "ethnic", European, or both?

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              Good point!

              With five miles of my house I have HK Market (Korean), Seafood City (Filipino), Jons (mostly European), SuperKing (armenian with extras), SuperA (primarily latino.) If I'm willing to drive ten - fifteen miles then I can add in Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Thai.

              LA is fun for grocery shopping : )