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Apr 19, 2012 01:55 PM

NYT article on going vegan

I thought she overstated the difficulty of doing this, but it's an interesting read.

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  1. Thanks! I think some find it more difficult than others. Really depends on a variety of factors, including how fussy one is, how much one naturally likes veggies etc., how strict one is going to be (e.g. Will you eat something made with all veggie ingredients plus a bit of fish sauce, as in a Thai dish...) Cost of things like pasta, rice, legumes is cheap compared to many meat products, and eating a veggie burger out is no more expensive than one made with beef.

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      I think you've touched on a key point. If one is vegan due to ethical issues, there's a line in the sand. If one is "vegan-ish," as I am, due to health concerns, flexibility comes into play. I eat my oatmeal with 1% organic milk, and put a light sprinkling of real Parm on my pasta. A die-hard vegan would not do either.

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        I agree. I've been (semi?) vegetarian for 15+ years, but I've recently been experimenting with veganism. I live in NYC and love to cook, and there are many stretches during which it seems pretty easy. But I travel a lot and dine out for work fairly often, and it can get difficult or frustrating in a hurry. But like you, pikawicca, I do it for health reasons, so while there are times I see it as a challenge and strive to figure something out, there are also plenty of times I'll just say "fine, I'll have the fish" because a piece of salmon over lentils seems healthier than a pasta dish or other alternative.

    2. I've considered vegan in many ways...but I love my fish...sardines, salmon etc. And I believe the Omega 3's from these foods are essential for ME...! I've come to the conclusion that humans are omnivores but plant-BASED, not plant-ONLY is very very important and give us the most nutrients. Thanks pika!

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        the name for what you've described is pescatarian (certainly not vegan).
        i'm an ovo-lacto pescatarian.
        two fish meals a week, tops.
        two dairy meals a week, tops.
        eggs only on occasion.