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Apr 19, 2012 12:55 PM

Any bacon desserts in Oahu ?

Just wondering if there is any good bacon desserts in Oahu since I'll be there in 3 weeks thank you

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  1. only thing i can think of offhand is not really open for dinner dessert -- but REGAL BAKERY near the airport is a funky little donut shop - i think they usually have a maple iced bacon donut...among other fun flavors...worth popping over to during the day -

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    1. re: fatstern

      Thanks sounds like I'll be making a stop there

      1. re: Dmr_329

        think they close at 1:30 pm...FYI

    2. I wonder if this is still available?
      Oh, and Let Them Eat Cupcakes downtown on Beretania St. has maple bacon cupcakes on Thurs. & Sat. according to their flavor schedule.
      Also, it's too bad, but you will miss Eat the Street which is on 4/27. The theme for this one is bacon so you would have been able to find a bunch of bacon desserts there.

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        I also just found this review of a bacon malasada dessert at Uahi Island Grill.

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          Looks like some more adds to the list you guys are awesome