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Apr 19, 2012 12:37 PM

PoppaCakes – Custom built ice cream sandwiches in Rohnert Park

Dateline: February 24, 2012 . . . As I’m leaving Rohnert Park’s 9 Islands Bakery with a purchase of premium salt cod in hand, the window rolls down on a ill-kept car inching slowly through the parking lot. Then a man’s voice asks, “Is that the new ice cream sandwich bakery?” Now, that’s a combination of words, ice cream + sandwich + bakery, not readily understood by me, making me blink for a few seconds to comprehend. Soon I replied that 9 Islands was not the place. A hand reached out to show me a card with the address of said ice cream sandwich bakery and I pointed him in the right direction. While I had my suspicions that this could be a clever covert marketing operation, naturally I had to trail behind to see this shop for myself.

I discovered a small storefront, formerly a frozen yogurt shop, with a display of baked goods and an ice cream freezer case in front and the smell of baking wafting from behind. Named Poppacakes after a childhood nickname, this was its second “official” day in business following a few weeks of a soft opening.

Cookies for ice cream sandwiches, plus sweet potato pie, cakes, brownies and other goodies, are baked in-house. Ice cream is from local producer, Clover. Ice cream sandwiches are assembled to order with the customer’s choice of cookie and ice cream flavors. I asked if anyone has tried using a different flavor for top and bottom. “Yes, it’s been done”, was the answer. Then I inquired, “Can I get two different ice cream flavors?” That was new and possible, so for me, molasses top and lemon sugar cookie bottom sandwiching burgundy cherry and espresso chip ice cream. I dubbed it the Four-Way. Here’s what it looked like.

Or check out the photo of my ice cream sandwich from behind the counter on PoppaCakes blog.

One ice cream sandwich is $2.50, or at the time, three for $6. Crazy low pricing, and I expressed my concern that they’d go broke selling such big portions for so little money. The sandwich was actually too big to fit inside the to-go box. I had to ask for a spoon to eat it, as it would be impossible to squash that thing into my mouth. The cookies are the chewy, softish texture rendered by vegetable shortening, but this texture makes them ideal for ice cream sandwiches vs. more crisp and brittle varieties. Not the type of cookie I would choose for eating alone, but in combination with the ice cream, a terrific afternoon snack.

392 City Center Drive
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
707 722-5404

And for making ice cream sandwiches at home, here’s a tip.

Edited to add: Just looked at PoppaCakes twitter feed,!/PoppaCakes , and the avatar is the photo of the four-way ice cream sandwich.

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  1. I was in the area Saturday and on a hot afternoon could not resist the call of a custom ice cream sandwich. The place is kind of out of the way and easy to overlook, honestly the kind place/location that I think it will be hard for them to survive.

    The two people working were super friendly. They don't bake all the items everyday since each baker had their specialities, or so I was told. My sandwich had their coconut cookies and espresso ice cream. It was one of the best sweet treats I've had in a long time and I ate the whole thing. As Melanie noted the cookies are soft and chewy, perfect for the application. They were really delicious too. My girlfiend has a thing for sweet potato pie and tried one. She said it was really excellent and one of the best she's had. She went back in and purchased a few more to take home. It's worth noting that they seem to not have a lot of product on hand so you might want to call before making a trip if there is something you simply must have. I'll swing by again if I'm in the nighborhood and have room.

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      So glad you gave this little place a try! You're right, it's not that easy to find and there's little of Rohnert Park that has much in the way of foot traffic, so you need to know that it's there. I thought those mini sweet potato pies looked really good, glad to hear your gf's opinion.

      I noticed that the hours on its facebook page have been cut back to Thu - Sun:12:00 pm-8:00 pm . Other places very close by to check out when you're here: Grocery Outlet, 9 Islands Bakery, friday afternoon farmers market in the civic center (once the season starts).

    2. Sorry to say it, but I do believe this place is now closed. I've been meaning to post that I stopped by on Friday 6/28 at 3:00 and found a dark store with a three day pay rent or quit notice on the door. Too bad, I really wanted an ice cream sandwich!

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      1. re: SLRossi

        I'm sorry to hear this too, but thanks for letting us know. I'd hoped they could make it to another summer.