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Apr 19, 2012 12:07 PM

Montreal Bachelor Party - Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Looking for restaurant suggestions for a bachelor party of 13 people. Crew is made up of mostly late 20's New Yorkers that live in Manhattan. Raucous crowd and looking for guidance on places to eat. Going to be there Fri,Sat and Sun night. So far have a reservation at Rib N Reef and Queus De Cheval for Saturday night - probably leaning towards Q. Obviously going to hit up Schwartz for lunch one day. Looking for Fri and Sunday night suggestions that are of the fun atmosphere variety and on the cheaper side then the Saturday night Steak dinner. Does Joe Beef serve lunch? Let me know what you guys think, open to good Mexican Places, Sake Bombing, etc

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  1. Joe Beef isn't open for lunch. They would be a good option for dinner but reservations need to be made about a month in advance and I'm not sure they can accommodate a group of 13 (but I could be wrong). Queue de Cheval attracts mostly tourist as I don't really know anyone that has been. I had a great steak at Dominion Square Tavern recently. The place is quite narrow but they might be able to seat a large group. Au Pied du Cochon might also be another good alternative. Mexican restaurants are rare over here and not a speciality of ours.

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      Doesn't even APDC restricts tables to a maximum of 6, with larger groups being splitted if there's space?

      If you want Sake Bombs, head to Imadake on Ste-Catherine and Atwater, Japanese isakaya and they do sake bombs in 2 sizes

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        I've been with a group of 18 to APDC, no problem with being at one large table, so they can definitely do it. Definitely an option. If you really really want steak, Queue de Cheval is the place to go (and it caters to plenty of Montrealers, not only tourists - I've been there, although it really doesn't touch places like Peter Luger's...)
        Forget about Rib'nReef. Forget about Mexican.
        +1 for Sake Bombs at Imadake, also agree with DNA, Joe Beef , Salle a Manger for dinners (now that Joe Beef has expanded, they should be able to accommodate a group of 13, as long as they have availability).

    2. Yes, as you'll read everywhere on this board, if you're coming in from NY, forget about getting steak. While you may get a good steak, I'm sure it won't beat the best you've had home. However, if 13 guys gotta have steak, 13 guys gotta have steak.

      Yes, try Joe Beef and APDC, but I doubt they'll be able to accomodate you.

      Once that fails, La Salle a Manger should fit what you have in mind for Friday or Sunday and have big size tables.

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        I agree with all of these points entirely. APDC will seat up to 10 at one table and would probably split 13 into 2 adjacent tables if there's room. Memorial day weekend isn't a holiday in Canada so it might still be possible to get reservations if not already entirely booked up by US tourists. Even so this will be a tough reservation to get even a month out...
        Salle a Manger would be my rec as well. DNA would likely fit you in, but it might be too quiet for the group.
        I'd definitely avoid Rib n Reef, and probably Queue de Cheval.
        Japanese restaurants (and asian in general) in Montreal are vastly inferior to what's available in NYC.. Kazu would compete but could never fit 13.

      2. "Raucous crowd" and "Rib N Reef" do not belong in the same sentence. QdC generally has no eye-candy, and the steak is overpriced for the quality. A bachelor party calls for what we call a "supper club" (late dinner, loud music, models for waitresses, party scene). In my day, Globe was the champ, and it seems to have got its game back in the food department. It is on the trendy part of the Main (St-Laurent Blvd.), lots of options for going out afterward. Rosalie has the most beautiful waitresses in the city, but the food has not been good there for many years; for drinks, perhaps? Cavalli is another option. Those are both downtown where the bars are less trendy (but raucous). Bar&Boeuf and Osteria Venti are possible options in Old Montreal; same owners, very trendy.

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          journal of montreal gave 4/5 star rating this month with new chef in place at GLobe

        2. I agree with others - avoid rib&reef; its a bit out of the way and more a place where you'd bring your folks for their 40th anniversary.
          queue de cheval...generally frowned upon by CHers, but as a bunch of testosterone laden, meat eating, visiting males, you'll likely have a good time.
          Schwartz might be tough for 13, at least to sit together. Plan on waiting in line as well (maybe take turns in line and alternate drinking beer/drinks across the street @ La Cabane).
          Joe Beef might be difficult for 13 as well, but by the end of May, they might have their terrasse open which might make this possible/easier - call to find out (but soon).
          causeimhungry has it right with Mexican. Avoid 3 amigos and Carlos&Pepes...
          Besides the previous suggestions, you might want to check out Mechant Boeuf in Old Montreal. Good DJ last time I was there, party atmosphere.