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Apr 19, 2012 10:48 AM

Awesome ribs?? Anywhere near the Miami-ish area

Hey all,

There's a few of us coming to Miami for business for about a week in May. We've all been to Miami before and know some decent spots to eat...

But... are there any REALLY REALLY GOOD RIBS anywhere?

We'll have a car and won't mind driving, in fact we may be going from Jupiter to the Keys on this trip so really, anywhere that has awesome ribs. And yes we know ribs aren't really a Miami thing but this is the closest we're getting to the South for a while.

Thanks for any help you can provide!! :)

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  1. I am no expert on this subject, but my favorites are the sticky ribs at red light little river.

    1. Orange ribs at Sakaya Kitchen. I actually like the ribs at Flanagan's too

      1. It's not competition-level 'cue, but my go-to place for barbecue these days has been Sparky's Roadside BBQ downtown. I do also always like the ribs at Red Light. The Sakaya Kitchen ribs are an untraditional choice but a good one too.

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          1. re: Mat Josher

            Sparky's is a good and unique BBQ joint in that his sauces have a tropical base. This thread has some good info:


        1. Shorty's are pretty tasty, too.

          Three of us stuffed our faces in January on a long-overdue 'cue fix.

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          1. re: sunshine842

            Shorty's????? Not...not so....not so much.....Those are oven baked ribs....

            Sparky's in downtown is extremely solid.....But go there for lunch when their Cue is fresh and tasty....

            Ft. Pierce, FL

          2. houstons have the best ribs! bone sucking, finger licking good

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            1. re: wannabfoodie

              Houstons? Seriously? Par-steamed, oven- baked, finished off on the grill.....Those are OK....better head to Sparky's and eat some "real bbq"......And I'm hoping that nobody suggests Bulldog BBQ....Are they still in business serving up what I call "pork jello"?

              Ft. Pierce, FL