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Apr 19, 2012 10:28 AM

Best Vegetarian products:

My absolute favorite products are Tivall. They are currently only sold in Kosher stores and contain eggs (so not vegan) but they have breaded 'chicken' nuggets and pieces, hot dogs (my personal fave) and burgers. IMVHO Morning Star does not hold a candle to these items.

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  1. Morningstar is about the worst. I'll only go for it in a pinch. I really like the Gardein stuff, including the Chick'n Scallopini and the Mandarin Chick'n. I also am a fan of Quorn's products, but it's pricey in my area.

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    1. re: jes7o

      You can pull Morningstar's corndogs out of my cold dead hands.

      1. re: CloggieGirl

        Morningstar's corndogs are my husband's vice. He wolfs down the entire box in one sitting.

        1. re: CloggieGirl

          Yes, we do these once a year....vegan junkfood at its best!

      2. We tend to default to Amy's frozen foods around here.

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        1. re: ElsieDee

          I'm not a vegetarian, but I love Amy's California burgers - and they are soy free.

        2. Field Roast products were my absolute favorite when i was still eating gluten. even though i went back to eating meat about 5 years ago, i *still* have the occasional hankering for that stuff! in fact, i was gazing longingly at the products in the refrigerator case at Whole Foods today :)

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          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Yes, the Field Roast sausages are really good. I use the italian and the apple sage a lot - good for crumbling into dishes (ie pasta with lots of garlic and broccoli rabe, yum). I love the Gardein cutlets but lately I can't find Gardein products in my area anymore (Gowanus in Brooklyn) - if anyone knows where I can get them, please let me know!

            1. re: prunefeet

              I can't find Gardein products in my area anymore (Gowanus in Brooklyn)

              scroll through all the pages of results from that search, because while P2 is mostly stores across the Hudson in NJ, P3 is all BK. and if you really can't find them at any of the places listed, ask the prepared foods counter at Whole Foods if they'll sell you some. they should definitely have them on hand because they use them for some of the vegan recipes in the prepared foods case.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                Strangely, our SuperTarget carries it.....

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Thanks GHG I'll see if the crown heights stop and shop really carries it - odd that the only other places that claim to carry Gardein now are very hard core bkln neighborhoods where I don't much expect there are many vegans! jes7o - where is your SuperTarget?

                  1. re: prunefeet

                    Mishawaka, IN. Our Meijer (a Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana superstore chain) also carries it.

                    1. re: jes7o

                      Costco in my area has some things, like ginormous bags of frozen "ground meat" type crumbles.

              2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                +1 on Field Roast sausages. They're the only fake meat I ever bother with. In a rich tomato sauce, they bring back amazing memories of eating my mom's spaghetti sauce, which was liberal with the Italian sausage.

                1. re: mightywombat

                  The Field Roast apple sage sausage is absolutely, utterly fantastic. In the summer, it often serves as my protein for dinner, and I am frequently impressed with how delicious it is. It's particularly good on a split top hot dog bun with BBQ sauce.

              3. I try to minimize convenience foods / processed foods. When I buy stuff, I try to look for things that have as few unreadable ingredients as possible.

                I think Field Roast and Tofurky brands tend to be pretty reasonable in terms of what they put in their products. Tofurky tends to use actual tofu rather than soy protein, and neither use a lot of ingredients that aren't "real food". I like Lightlife 'Fakin Bacon' a lot, but recently have been enjoying the Tofurky brand one instead -- it's cut a bit thicker, cut shorter, so less likely to break when you're taking it out of the package, and I think it comes out a little less dry.

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                1. re: will47

                  I am the opposite. I will eat all kinds of junk food.

                  I was at the Chinese market the other day and got hooked on this soy "beef jerky". It was so good, chewy yet moist and semi-tender. I got the one with lots of cracked black pepper. So good.

                  I love that Trader Joes carries what looks like Gardein products under their Trader Joes label. My Trader Joes has the chickenless nuggets and the mandarin orange "chicken".

                  1. re: choctastic

                    It's not bacon or jerky but I just made this and its pretty good with rice.


                2. I like almost everything Gardein, but especially the beefless beef tips those are amazing. Amazing.

                  I also love the fake McRiblets from (I think) Morningstar. They're in a really sweet sauce, but with some sauce doctoring action, I like these better than what I remember McD's version being like. Plus they're bigger and meatier, if that makes any sense at all.