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Apr 19, 2012 10:22 AM

Anniv comming up - any chance of a decent onion loaf in the MKE area?

My better two thirds has been making noises of "needing" an onion loaf. Onions strings done in a loaf format that they are very dense and can be cut with a knife. My son and I would prefer not to run to her home in Versailles, KY (pronounced Ver-Sales). to make her happy. For those that remembered the awful Tony Romas in the area - nothing like what they did. very dense, but was close to the taste.

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  1. I know what you are talking about. On a business trip to Texas I had one and the best way I could describe it was kind of like a shoe string onion brick. Very good. The only ones I have had up here were at Damon's in The Dells and the location in Mequon. Not sure if the Mequon location is still even open though.

    You could possibly try to make one at home if you had the patience (which I do not). Maybe use a mandolin to make the shoe string onions, dredge them in a buttermilk beer batter, deep fry and then put them in a meatloaf pan and bake in the oven.

    Sorry that I cannot be of much help. Happy Anniversary though.

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      The Damon's in the Mequon is now an Office Depot, and a huge improvement. The one time I ate at the Damons in Mequon it was so bad that we were comped the dinner in hopes that I would not let others know about it. When your salad is brought out at the same time as the dessert, the ribs & steak were so overly cooked that they were inedible and were sent back twice..... i did call the corporate office the next day to let them know my displeasure. The former one in Brookfield wasn't that great for lunch either. A shame because I liked the Damons in Myrtle Beach (I drove past it twice a week for several years).

    2. If the Chicago area is not too far to travel, consider one of the Hackney's locations.

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        Thanks - I will look into them.
        Another forum also suggested Jakes in Pewaukee, but I did not see the onion loaf on the on-line menu.

      2. I recently saw an onion string loaf on the menu at Pizza Man. We did not order one, but maybe there are some online reviews of the restaurant that mention the specifics of their onion loaf.

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          Thank you!
          Sorry for being off of the board for a long time.
          The menu describes them as I would like, I will see if my better two-thirds wants to go there this week.

        2. I have a vague memory of The Black Kettle having this one their menu, but it's been a LOOOOONG time since I have been there!

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            Sorry I have been away from the board for so long.
            Their menu says onion rings, but the description is vague and could really be a loaf.

          2. Darn, both black kettle and pizza man do not have lunch hours according to their web sites. Due to teenager (sports/scouts/etc) our dinner days are dead for another year and a half.