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Apr 19, 2012 08:42 AM

Westchester date ideas

Anyone have fabulous date ideas for Westchester? Beyond the basic dinner date type stuff- fun things to do, places (bar/ restaurant) to see a live band? Especially night stuff- I know it is quiet there, like here in CT!

Need to find more stuff locally rather than drive to NYC.


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  1. If you like Cajun-style food and cover bands, try The Bayou in Mt. Vernon. It's a hopping little place.


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      1. re: Jimmy W

        Not sure, what part of Westchester you are looking, but Bayou is eh food, nice drinks, really good bands on occasion. If you like Cajun food, Rye Roadhouse has better food and I do believe they have live music. it's smaller than the Bayou, but at least the bathroom is on the same floor and the food is much much better.

    1. Peekskill has loads of live music. Beanrunner Cafe, Peekskill Coffeehouse, 12 Grapes, Division Street Grill, Birdsall House. Funky, fun, great vibes.

      Agree on Bayou Cafe in Mt. Vernon. Calling it quaint makes it sound quiet, which it isn't! Little slice of NOLA.

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      1. +2 on The Bayou - always a good time. Another fun date stop is Pour in Mt Kisco.

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        1. Here is an older thread


          and a few more suggestions

          Kelly's sea level, Rye love this place not sure why

          Dudley's New Rochelle very, very casual on the water

          any of the small towns/villages are fun to walk around on nice Spring and Summer nights
          many events on the waterfront's

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          1. re: chowdom

   Kelly's and Dudley's recommendations, haha. Although I think you are assuming the OP isn't trying to impress. All serious, Dudleys is a dive and Kelly's...well it's a classic. Great burgers and bar food, great atmosphere...rude bartenders and waiters (it's an act). Love the place.

            1. re: jhopp217

              Yep. Kelly's has some fabulous burgers and they make some very nice fries with chili and cheese also. IIRC, the wait can be long at peak hours.

          2. I think the Radisson in New Rochelle still has disco/dancing on Friday nights. It was/is being renovated there -- changing up the restaurant, etc., so check before going over. It is very retro, but bowling is back and lots of fun. We try to avoid Roc and Bowl in New Roc City and instead head over to Yonkers to Homestead Bowling -- a real bowler's bowling alley and a bargain.

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