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Apr 19, 2012 08:28 AM

Great Sushi near Campbell

What's your favorite sushi near Campbell (or anywhere San Jose to Mountain View, etc)? Anything close to the quality of Kaygetsu in Menlo Park? Sad to hear they closed.

thank you!

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  1. Very old list but it gives you places to check on the board.

    1. Akane in Los Altos is good (at least it was six months ago).

      Sushi Tomi in Mountain View is also decently good. I go to either for a Sushi fix, but I am not wowed - the sushi doesn't reach that next level for me.

      In Palo Alto: Fuki Sushi is in a severe downward slide for the last six months to a year - I hope they pull out of it. Fish quality was actually markedly worse than Akane.

      Jin Sho is uneven. Sometimes it is quite excellent other times only good.

      1. I'm still voting for Akane. Unless you're in a group, for the full-on experience you really want to sit at the bar in front of Shin-san and let him do his thing.

        And yes, I feel **terrible** I haven't updated the master list for so long. The short reason: After $10,000, I just ran out of money and moved on to Redwood City's amazing taquerias (more per capita than anyplace you can name outside of Mexico). If you find anyone who's offering grants for the continuing study of nigiri in Northern California, please let me know.

        Sushi Monster

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          Your list was invaluable to me a few years ago when I moved to the area. I think it still is the most comprehensive and detailed list we have.

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            Michi in Campbell is very good but also very expensive. I like fuki sushi in Santa Clara (winchester at hedding)

        2. Thanks kind responders!

          Akane it is. Hopefully EOW. Hail to Sushi Monster!


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            Close to campbell you might also try japantown... A number of good place. A second for Yuki Sushi on Winchester for something good & close by.