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Apr 19, 2012 08:18 AM

Is there anywhere in Flushing for SUPER FRESH Lo mein? with choice of add in?

Looking for a place for picky 6 year old who will eat lomein but will only eat certain veggies, and white meat chicken, he tried the lomein at spicy and tasty and it was full of dark meat chicken and kind of gross, their veg lomein is very good there anywhere in flushing area, that is clean, A grade, and cute looking, that serves lomein like this? I know it's a hard request and goes against the entire adventurous concept of flushing food, but it would be helpful to know..thanks.

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  1. ended up at spicy and tasty, he picked out all the veggies, we ate them...good shrimp with broccoli very light but fresh--the new owners there are so friendly, they always remember us, the last owners also always remembered us, but weren't overtly friendly--the man who is there now, is always very kind and asking how everyone likes everything...good sesame noodles, too.