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Apr 19, 2012 08:16 AM

Bristol Farms Prices??

I was in BF the other day and saw a certain brand of French Roqufort at $25.99/lb . the exact same brand was $9.99/lb at Trader joes, this was just one of many pricing examples - please explain to me how anyone could be Daft enough to shop there???

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  1. The same way people shop at Whole Foods.

    1. I believe PT Barnum phrased it up pretty well. Interesting, I just got their flyer last week, no reason to stop by.

      1. Our local BF often has excellent, loss-leading specials, especially on meat and fish. Also, on Tuesdays, seniors get 10% off everything including sale items. If there's something we want on sale, we'll go on Tuesday and buy a bunch of wine as well. Otherwise, it's true, no reason to shop there.

        1. Because it's my neighborhood market within walking distance and everyone knows my name? I don't shop at Whole Foods...I find nothing in there that's remotely interesting other than an occasional vitamin stop.
          The produce is stellar and if there's something missing it's ordered immediately. It's the only place in LA I can trust that the fish is fresh....I've been burnt so many times at SM Seafood I'll not go back. The meat department is also topnotch and they sharpen my knives. I love this store AND the Trader Joe's that's also within walking distance.