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Apr 19, 2012 08:14 AM

Quaint little seafood restaurant in Madrid

My husband and I were in Madrid several years ago(2008) and stumbled upon this fantastic little restaurant on a little side street. We're going back and desperately want to find this place again (if it still exists). Problem is, we can't remember where it is! They bottled their own rioja and this is the only photo we have. On an off chance, anyone recognize it? Thanks in advance. T.R.

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  1. Taking a total shot in the dark, but the nautical/shellfish scheme reminds me a bit of El Cucurucho del Mar:

    It's on a smaller street off Calle Preciados, near the Gran Vía. Do you remember anything at all about which part of town in was in?

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      Thanks for your reply. It was just off the Plaza del Sol. Made complicated because there are so many small side streets in this area. We just can't remember which direction we walked or even the hotel we ended up staying in. We had arrived at the old bus terminal and were approached by a little old man that told us about his hotel. We ended up staying there for one day of a worldwind trip. 11 cities in Spain/Portugal and Africa in only 14 days. Traveled overnight on the train and arrived in a new city. Hit the ground running. We were so tired by the time we got back home. The one place that really stuck out for us was this restaurant that we had such an incredible experience at, on our 1st anniversary. We were so tired/jetlagged/disoriented... sadly, I think we'll never find it again. This month is our 13th and we hoped to find it in time since we'll be there. Thanks again for your help.

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        Here's an interior shot of Maceiras taken a year ago.

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          my memories of the place failed me.


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          It's not Maceiras, but is so very similar. If we don't find it, we'll probably try this. Thank you!

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            You can't go wrong at Maceiras, great Galician seafood. They don't take reservations and the place gets packed around 11pm.

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              The one way you could go wrong with Maceiras is if you are looking for a quiet, romantic meal... It can be an insanely loud, boisterous place (I say this as someone who has lived in the center of Madrid for a decent chunk of my life now and is used to the noise that accompanies life here). One quiet, low-key Galician marisquería in the central part of town that comes to mind is Xentes (Calle Humilladero 13).

        3. Found the hotel we stayed in Hotel Anaco en Madrid near the Gran Via. Walked all over the area towards the Plaza Sol. Have yet to find it.

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            Have you asked at the Hotel Anaco? Perhaps if you show the pic. to someone working there they might know of this place.

            Good luck,

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              Thanks! I wish I had the photo with me when I found it. Hopefully next trip. Maybe I'll find this place in time for our next anniversary! :)

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                Shame. Should have clicked the Chowhound link and showed them the pic you posted if you had an I-Pad/I-Phone.

                Wish you the best of luck on the next one. And Happy Belated Anniversay.

          2. Well the search is over. Finally discovered the name and location of the restaurant. COSTA DEL SOL off the Gran Via. Unfortunately, it closed approximately three years ago. Thank you to all of you for your help and support. Next quest is to find another quaint little seafood restaurant in Madrid. The search continues. T. R. <3

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              Anyone else been at Costa Del Sol?