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Apr 19, 2012 07:05 AM

Dinner in Mississauga French Bistro or Graydon Bar and Grill

I am visting my brother for the weekend from the states and Friday we are dining locally in Miss. Looking for a decent moderately priced dinner. (doing a nicer dinner Sat in Toronto) Ideallly I'd like to eat somewhere that isn't really typical around home so I was thinking a French Bistro. I have it narrowed to Narra, Bisto Chezanne, or Bistro Matisse or option B Gastro Pub (also never had) at Graydon Bar and Grill in Streetsville although I have no idea how far away Streetsville is from Miss. Any thoughts on these would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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  1. Streetsville is located in west Mississauga.

    Bistro Narra had some of the best food I've eaten in Mississauga (which does not say much - I find Mississauga a wasteland for decent bistro/dining options).

    1. Chef Jean-Jacques sold Bistro Matisse and returned to France. Sadly, the new owner hasn't been able to maintain the former high standards.

      At Bistro Narra I've had some disappointments, but it's generally good.

      Grayden's food has not been as good lately as when they first opened. Dinner there recently was somewhat amateur, but it was on a week-night and the chef was likely absent.

      We enjoyed a superb 7-course Titanic theme dinner at Bistro Chezanne last Saturday night. The mussels and the short ribs on the regular menu are particularly good and the $30 April Prix Fixe featuring poached salmon looks interesting.

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        Just a side note, Bistro Chezanne closed a few months back.