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Apr 19, 2012 06:55 AM

Charleston Suggestions?

Heading from Vermont to Kiawah for a week and want to spend some time eating in Charleston.
We already have reservations at Husk. We don't want to eat anything that we could eat in landlocked VT...we're looking for shrimp and grits, oysters, local seafood...don't want anyplace where the men would have to wear jackets.

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  1. Most restaurants are casual, however people go out after work, so you may see some people in suits.

    Since you'll be out at Kiawah, check out Fat Hen and Wild Olive.

    If you use the search box and type in Charleston, you'll find lots of threads on this subject. I'm at work and don't have time to do it all right now :) Here's a link to get you started.

    1. Hokay, now.

      Shrimp and grits can be found everywhere. My favorites are at Anson, High Cotton, and Atlanticville on Sullivans. Husk's S&G is as a great dish as well.

      If you're not here in an R month, local oysters won't be available. Amen Street is a raw bar that will have good ones from off, as does Pearlz.

      Shrimping season is about to start up. It's early this year. My favorite local seafood places include Seewee (toward Awendaw), The Wreck in Mt Pleasant, Coast, Fish, many others. Every place in the HD will have some local catch. If you see wreckfish or triggerfish as a special, get it.

      If you scroll down past the posts, you'll see lots of other threads with lots of people's favorites.

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        Hey Sue - We just stayed in Mt P and loved it!! The food is amazing and we had a blast! We live in Bermuda but actually came down to look at some houses - we found a few we loved in West Ashley, but want to come back and look in Mt P next. We went to a little spot on our first day there, we arrived a little to early to check in to our hotel and we were directed to a little place called Charleston's Cafe and OMG the food was delicious! I had a special called The Elvis which was French Toast stuffed with Peanut Butter and Banana topped with Caramelized Peaches and a side of grits - I was a virgin at that point but instantly fell in love - I have to say you all have some of the best food we've ever eaten! I look forward to coming back and hope to move that way sooner rather than later! Looking forward to following you posts!! So many restaurants so little time - next time we will stay much longer!!

        1. re: minealone

          I'm so glad! Believe me, we know how lucky we are. I'm always happy to hear about a grits convert.

          Anything with "Elvis" in it is ok with me. I have 3 busts of Elvis in my front yard. :D

      2. Check out the Macintosh in downtown Charleston ( 479B King Street)! WE LOVE THAT PLACE! Killer food and great vibe! The service was outstanding too. A Young lad named Austin was our server and "navigated" us through the cocktails, the wine list, and of course detailed the purveyer and dishes magnificently! This might be the best place EVER!!!