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Apr 19, 2012 05:50 AM

Largest and/or Best Pizza in Las Vegas (Preferably both!)


I'm planning an LV wedding from the comfort of nice and chilly Michigan and have found the forums to be a lot of help in researching food options. My parents want to do a buffet but, after a recent experience here in Grand Rapids, my fiancee has decided that he wants pizza. Specifically, the largest pizza LV has to offer. Now, I'm a bit more pragmatic (and I know how picky he is), so I'm looking for the cross section of both largest and tastiest. We're looking at a guest list of 30-50 people, so some place that can accommodate everyone would be great as well - but don't let that stop you from suggesting the great hole-in-the-wall places too! We're trying to find a site that will let us do the ceremony and reception at the same place, so, theoretically, we could have it delivered/picked up as well.

Thanks in advance for your help.

(I know there are a lot of threads about pizza in LV, but as far as I could tell, no one was talking about size. If I missed it, please let me know!)

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  1. Well, Graziano's (at Desert Inn and Durango) has a 24" pizza that weighs over 10 pounds that's part of a challenge (two people have 45 minutes to complete it); that's the largest one I could find, although if it's for a wedding party (reception? rehearsal dinner? just eat?), maybe some restaurant can make a larger pizza at your request - it can't hurt to call around.

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      Napoli Pizza has a thirty inch pizza that is mediocre at best. You may want to look into Metro Pizza, Broadway or Roco's Italian Deli (not to be confused with Rocco's New York Pizzeria.)

    2. Why not just buy 5 Settebello pizzas?

      1. Here is the good and bad of Las Vegas pizza. There are some awfully good craft pies, like Settebello mentioned above (along with Due Forni, etc.), but they do not travel well, and are not ideal for buffets. These are pizza's meant to be consumed quickly out of the ovens. There are some places that make quality pies that might suit your purposes, like Metro, Rocco's, Verrazano, Naked City and a few others, but they do not quite fit the atmosphere that you are looking for. So time to get to work.

        You will find many places that would go out of their way to accommodate you for such a special purpose, but would you prefer the pizza to be the destination, or have them delivered to a better environment? A place like Naked City might be ideal for a big order (they make some large pies on cookie sheets), but their location would be among the last you would ever want to use as a destination.

        If you are looking at 30-50 at somewhere nice on the Strip, you have some options. There are some nice areas at Canaletto in the Venetian. The pizza is thin crust, so not necessarily great for a buffet concept, but maybe they could keep bringing them out fresh. Wolfgang Puck's Pizzeria and Cucina at the Crystals Mall at City Center has a private dining room. And Puck also has a private dining room at Trattoria Del Lupo at Mandalay Bay. But here is what you may run into - most of these places (along with Enoteca Otto and DOCG Enoteca) tend to make personal size pizza's, which may or may not work for you.

        So perhaps you could narrow things just a bit by deciding if you want to have the pizza's delivered to the ceremony/reception area, or if you would prefer to have it all happen at the same place.