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Apr 19, 2012 01:38 AM

Sushi Yoshitake

Just had dinner at this starred establishment. The chef was extremely friendly. The ingredients were as fresh as you could get. He excelled more on the sashimi/snacks than on the sushi. I found the sushi rice (marinated with red vinegar) a bit too sour for my taste. Often, the taste of the vinegared rice overwhelms the fish.

Here is what I had.

baby octopus + miso sauce (had the same baby octopus at Ryugin, both were divine)
octopus + salt (tender yet chewy. Still, I found Sushi Saeki's octopus is by far better)
snapper + fish bone sauce (simply divine)
abalone + abalone liver sauce (the sauce is particularly impressive)
Bonito sashimi (smoked) (very good)
Bowl of crab, uni, sea cucumber (ok)

baby snapper
ebi (this really stands out, very impressive)
hand roll of uni and tuna (a freebie)

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  1. A quick one; thank-you for your review, every piece of tsumami was different than my last december dinner there.. it makes me want to try it again, and in July he has a speciality of cold uni flan.. Yoshitake-san is open and talks about his recipes..for his nigiris to balance out the red vinegar he put some 'tsume(sauce)' between the rice(shari) to sweeten it, like some japanese bisque that he made and married it with the shrimp. That  is why it was so 'ebi' and so full of taste.. Some pieces, except the maguro, have been carefully added some tsume, or some more sweet sauce..  For exAmple the bone sauce for the tsumami as made to prononce the taste of the white fish that I agree was good.