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In search of a great cheese shop in Nice

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Please help, we are in Nice for the next two weeks, and have discovered that our favorite cheese shop in Old Nice has closed. We would love some recommendations for a great cheese shop, we are happy to walk or take the bus anywhere in the area. Many thanks!

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  1. Are you referring to La Poulette? I too mourn it most sadly.
    My other fave cheese place is Quirino on rue Bavastro in the old port area, not far from the old town, which not only has great cheeses - perhaps better than La Poulette, - but also very good prepared traiteur dishes. Everything there is good but its ravioli are not as good as La Barale.

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      Awesome Parigi, really appreciate your help. We'll walk over today. Merci!!!

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        Etable, rue de la Buffa is terrific. La Ferme Fromagere, rue Lepante, is also excellent. A local owner that will get to know your personal tastes and preferences.

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          Merci, shall investigate today.

    2. Can you please share with us the results of your cheese forays?