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Apr 18, 2012 10:54 PM

NYC Foodie visiting Miami for hole in the walls ??

I am visiting Miami soon and would like to know what are the must places ???

I am not looking for fine dining , white table cloth ( i.e. Nobu) kind of places . I am looking to try places with lots of ethnic flair and the main star is the food !

Places like Yako- San where the outside isn't much to look at but the food...ohh the food ! lol

Miami is soo diverse and I would like to taste it ... what are some of your favorite places to chow ???

OH yea... I am looking for places that are unique to Miami area.... i.e. there are some great japanese places ..but in NYC there are far more choices and Japanese people therefore it wouldn't be unique to Miami ....


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  1. Many will weigh in, so I won't be selfish. There are lots of possibilities; here is one:

    Happy Wine, order a prosciutto pami (panini miami), get a bottle of wine, and thank me later.
    5792 SW 8th St
    West Miami, FL 33144

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      I was recently at a wine event at Happy Wine. Fantastic paella and tapas. Excellent wine prices. Latin American places on Collins in the 60's and 70's such as Buenos Aires Bakery at 7134 and Mixtura, upscale Peruvian at 7118 Collins are two of my favorites. Manolo at 7300 for Argentine churros right out of the oven. There are many choices in Little Havana. Everyone recommends Versailles as do I for its unique atmosphere and the smell of the cafe cubano. El Palacio de Los Jugos at 5721 W. Flagler is a market and restaurant and you eat at picnic tables outside. Lots of Cuban food and very reasonable prices. Great juice drinks and fresh fruit. Miami has lots of joints, you just have to be adventuresome. Hope this helps.

      1. re: rebus1805

        North Beach is a great area to explore. I like Buenos Aires Bakery, El Rey del Chivito (for the chivito sandwich), Moises Bakery, Sazon Cuban Cuisine. Not a fan of Manolo, if you want churros go to Buenos Aires Bakery they're much better. If it's your thing, try the Colombian hot dogs at La Perrada de Edgar. Up 71st Street, Las Vacas Gordas is a good Argentine parrillada, I also like Tamarind Thai (though it's only good Thai by local standards, otherwise not really a stand-out place).

        Red Light on Biscayne and 77th is a laid-back, affordable place (pretty much nothing over $20) which uses lots of local ingredients with a mix of New Orleans and Caribbean influences in the cooking. Down the street, Chez Rosie (Haitian) is operating out of the space called Who @67th and I had some very good griots and oxtails from there. Further up 79t St. you can go to B&M Market (Jamaican) for lunch, only stools to sit on, dodgy neighborhood.

        1. re: Frodnesor

          My two favorites
          El Mago de Las Fritas
          Papo Llega y Pon

          In south beach
          The Alibi
          El Chalan
          Jimmy'z Kitchen
          cha cha cha
          puerto sagua
          pita place 6th and collins
          la sandwicherie

          I am hearing good things about my ceviche in south beach but it is brand new so I have not been.

            1. re: ItsMee

              Their jerk chicken was tasty though I wish it was spicier. Good curried goat.

              1. re: ItsMee

                If that sounds great, there is a delicious Trinidadian joint with a table or two serving Roti down south on SW 160th St. called Caribbean Delite. Sango serving Jamaican is in the same plaza and legitimate Vietnamese place PhoThang is across the way. Each is less atmospheric than El Palacio de los Jugos or La Camaronera. Uppercase dives like B&M I think. Clives might be cool too in midtown if they are open.

                1. re: taiga

                  The Clive's in Little Haiti (not the one in Midtown) was temporarily shut down after a health inspection last month but was reinspected and reopened.

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Must have been the homemade ginger beer overflowing

        2. Downtown is largely avoidable, but I'd head there for Sparky's Roadside BBQ and Filling Station for stick-to-your-ribs food and really good beer. Filling Station is well regarded for their wings, and keeps a rotating list of craft beer on tap and about 50 more in bottle. Sparky's does pretty solid 'cue with some creative twists, like 8 different sauces, each very unique. Both are cool places to hang out and talk to locals.

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          1. re: johnmlinn

            Not a dive, but Soya Y Pomodoro is a great Miami space and tasty when they are on (which is on occasion). When the jazz is playing, it is nice.