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Apr 18, 2012 10:39 PM

Lunch/brunch after the memorial

We are a group of 8 in New York for a wedding. We want to have a nice lunch after visiting the 911 memorial on Sunday mornings. Any suggestions that would take a reservation for 8. Or is there a good deli near by that we could enjoy.

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  1. Most places will be serving a brunch menu, not a lunch menu.

    North End Grill is very close by.

    Marc Forgione and Locanda Verde are a little further away. For Locanda Verde book ASAP. They are pretty popular.

    For more casual, Blue Smoke or Shake Shack.

    1. BTW, I was there today and the only exit from the 9/11 Memorial is on Albany St and the West Side Highway, across from the Marriott (which has tons of signs stating there are no bathrooms -- there are also no bathrooms at the Memorial).

      Right now you can NOT walk north along the West Side Highway to get to Blue Smoke, North End Grill, Shake Shack, etc. You'll have to make three lefts to compensate (it's about a 20 minute walk). The 9/11 Memorial is actually surrounded by construction on 3 sides, this is why.

      1. Also consider Blaue Gans~they are a relatively casual Austrian restaurant with a fair amount of space and some lager tables. They have a brunch menu on Sundays (after 11)~ it also has plenty of standard brunch items for less adventurous folks. It should only be ~ 1/2 a mile from the WTC site.