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Apr 18, 2012 08:37 PM

NYC Restaurant advice needed for trip w/ 10 yo, but staying at Andaz or Ritz BP

Hi all-
I am heading into NYC Friday am for a last minute trip with my 10 yo daughter, who is well-behaved and loves food. Real food, not kids food, though not crazy adventurous. Having done Times Square and Upper Manhattan, we're staying either at the Ritz BP or the Andaz to do Ellis Island, Tenement Museum, probably the Childrens Museum of the Arts, 9/11 Memorial and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge too. Would love to know some good breakfast, lunch and dinner spots we can duck into or sneak a last minute rez at. We both love italian so if you've got any good classic italian in little italy that would be fun too. Happy to take reasonable cab rides; cost isn't a big factor. We have chinatown ice cream factory, stellina, francois payard as possible dessert places. We both love sweets, chocolate, and cupcakes so will take recommendations there too.

thanks all!

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  1. Is it really important for your Italian restaurant to be in Little Italy? And by "classic Italian," do you mean Italian-American? If so, I'd recommend John's of 12th St. in the East Village. Do you also like Tuscan or Neapolitan food?

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      Tuscan or Neapolitan, we love both. We like any neighborhoods with charm so I supposed not. although its always fun to compare our north end, federal hill and little Italy nyc

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        I happen to think Little Italy is quite a lot of fun, of course it's touristy but you'll enjoy it. I'd take a trip to the museum at Fraunces Tavern, it is very interesting. If you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, take a cab to the River Cafe, it is wonderful, it's essentially on a boat so your daughter will love it - and the view!

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          Thanks I was thinking of fraunces too so great that you recommended it. Thanks for the Brooklyn tip I am hoping the weather forecast brightens up for the weekend.

    2. I'd add Grom (gelato), Butter Lane (cupcakes), Kee's (chocolate), City Bakery (pretzel croissants), Dominique Ansel, Laduree (macarons), Two Little Red Hens, Balthazar Bakery (sticky bun), Mille Feuille (plain croissants) to that list.

      Lots of discussion here:

      1. For breakfast, if you like Italian, I'd recommend Locanda Verde in Tribeca. Close to where you are staying and much easier to get into for breakfast than for dinner. It's not super cheap or a hole in the wall by any means, but it would be nice for a "fancier" breakfast one morning.

        1. Right next to the Ritz BP, and convenient to the 9/11 Memorial, is Inatteso Pizzabar Casano. Plenty of kids in there at all hours, but not a kiddie menu in the least. You should be able to walk in for lunch and dinner at any time, so this is a good fall-back if you're too tired to wander far from the Ritz. BTW, since you mentioned the North End (I assume you're from Boston), the North End Grill, which is across the highway from the 9/11 Memorial, has nothing to do with Italian Food ;) .

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            Thanks for the great tip, and yes you've got me pegged correctly. Though originally a jersey girl whose mom grew up on the LES, so this will be such a neat trip.