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Apr 18, 2012 08:37 PM

Need to find a decent buffet for large gathering

I will have an upcoming large extended family gathering (of 16 people) in May and would like to find a buffet brunch / lunch place. We already went to Top of Mark (SF), Ritz Carlton (Half Moon Bay) and Hyatt SFO (Burlingame) in the past. And we have also tried Asian style buffets -- Moonstar (Daly City) and Haikado (Foster City).

I am just wondering it there other options out there besides all those places we tried.

I would like a place that is mid-range price wise ($50 max for lunch for person?) and has decent food and a nice selection of items.

Any suggestions? Thank you for you help.

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  1. What about the Brix brunch buffet in Napa? I have always wanted to check it out, based on positive reviews I recall reading here. I haven't heard recent reports, but it might be worth looking into. Price is in your ballpark at just under $40 pp, and location is lovely.

    1. If you are open to other cuisines, upscale Amber India SF has a weekend buffet for $20.

      1. I went to Kome Sushi Buffet in the old Todai space in Daly City in November. It was better than most of the Asian/Chinese buffets like Moonstar but it's of course relative. The sushi was actually okay/good for a buffet but it wasn't great in the big scheme but not bad at all. It moved fast and turned over. They had lots of seafood but it's as expected - some is good, some is not (like the crab legs). I'd say it had a nice selection. It was around $20 p/person for dinner. Everyone left generally satisfied. Nothing weird.

        Bottom line: better than expected, value at $20, wouldn't make it a regular stop but once in a while it's fine.