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Apr 18, 2012 07:57 PM

15 East or Momofuku Ko

Hello, I'm in Manhattan for the weekend and reservations at 15 East at the bar and Momofuku Ko (and can only go to one). For those of you who have been to both, which would you prefer?

Obviously they serve different kinds of food so a direct comparison isn't possible -- but I still have to pick only one place. For what it's worth, I've been to Kajitsu and thought it was absolutely amazing. I've been to the Momofuku noodle bar and didn't think it was that great -- too salty. I am coming from San Francisco where the sushi restaurants are very good but nothing at the level of what you can find in Tokyo - so would like to try a sushi place if it was really exceptional. Otherwise, I can find pretty good sushi at home.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I adore 15 East, but I still recommend Momofuku Ko in your case. Ko is much different from what you can get at home. And like you said, you can get pretty good sushi in SF already....

    1. If you want sushi as good as in Tokyo or better, go to 15 East. There is nothing in SF or in the Bay Area as good as 15 East. But since you already had great sushi in Tokyo, you might want to try a great meal at Momofuku Ko.

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        15 East, at the bar, after specifically requesting Mr. Shimizu. Absolutely lyrical.

      2. Momofuku Noodle Bar is totally different than Ko.

        If the frozen shaved foie gras intrigues you at all, choose Ko.

        1. Simply put, it's not terribly easy to get a rezzie at Ko, while you can often get same-day rezzies at 15 East. Your odds of having a second chance to go to Ko next time you're in Manhattan are MUCH slimmer. You're lucky enough to have a rezzie at one of the harder (no longer hardest, thanks to Brooklyn Fare) to get tables in town - go with it.

          Ko is a whole different animal than Noodle Bar. It's a whole different animal than ANY other restaurant, really.

          1. I love sushi, and 15 East is among the best in the city. But in your case, I'd go to Ko.